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Better Dimmer Device


Ha, nice leg!

Got sidetracked with a call from work, as always seems happens when I’m having fun.



Out of curiosity, where did you find documentation on canChangeBackground?

(Todd Wackford) #43

It’s not documented. I think I saw it in a presence device file when I was making the Parking Spotter device.

(Todd Wackford) #44

Still like to see people’s screen shots with the new picture/photo capability. Anyone?

(Morgan) #45

@twack Did you do anything w/ the ramping rate in this Better Dimmer Device Type?

(Todd Wackford) #46

No I didn’t do anything with that. Sorry :sad:

(Octoxan) #47

Not sure how to get this to work. I created a new device type, pasted the code from github (raw) into the “from code” box. Then I created a new device and set it as this type. Now I see it under Things in the app, however I can’t select it as a master in Dim With Me.

What did I do wrong? I’m very new to this. Sorry!


Has anyone been able to use this device across multiple SmartThings user accounts? I’ve posted a question along these lines here and I’m being told by support that they assume it’s a code problem with the device type. Here’s the description of the issue from that post:

I am trying to implement @wackware’s “Better Virtual Dimmer2” device along with “Dim With Me2” and it is working as expected, but only when logged in as me. When my wife attempts to use the device in the mobile app the panel icon shows as “Unknown” with a question mark. If I log on as her and view the devices types I don’t find anything listed. If I view the device instance it shows up as normal until I click “edit”, where the device type reverts to “Acceleration Sensor Capability” (the top item on the list).

If I go through and manually create the same device type under her account, I can edit the device and change it to “Better Virtual Dimmer”. When I do so, the icon in her application goes back to normal and the device works. Unfortunately, it then no longer works under my account.

Without accounts everything works as expected.

Has anyone tried using this device type across multiple user accounts?

(Mike Maxwell) #49

I have multiple accounts, one for the house, one for myself and two other ones for family.
All users login to ST mobile from their named accounts.
–custom device code is published under the house account, these devices are visible to all users.
–custom smart apps are published under my named account, these are also visible to all users.
Not sure if that answers your question or not.


In my case SmartApps are shared with no trouble. I’ll try nuking everything and starting over with the device handler.

(Andy) #51

I’m new to this whole smartthings but I think I’m slowly getting the hang of it.

I’m in the IDE and I’m trying to copy and past the raw code from github and putting it in a new device handler. I’m getting this:

Java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Metadata definition not found

Anybody know what I’m doing wrong? I’m feel so close to finally getting my sylvania lightify lights and my ge z-wave dimmer talking properly.

(Patrick Mjoen) #52

Great work @twack here is a similar one I created a while back with