Better alternative to a cooper rf9500 battery operated switch?

I’m getting issues using this switch in a 3 way setup with another cooper zwave switch. My dimming is very slow compared to the wires cooper switch, not sure if this is due to the device being battery operated or not. I’m looking for another battery operated device that has dimmer function. Any ideas? Thank you

What app are you using to do the dimming? It is never going to be as fast as a connected dimmer…

Connected: Dimmer → Light
RF9500: Dimmer → ST Hub → Cloud → ST Hub → Light

You could try…

Changing device won’t change the lag

Any lag that you are seeing now is almost certainly a network issue which is not going to get any better by using a different device. As long as you have the switch set up to communicate via the hub, it’s going to work the way that @whoismoses describes, and you have a potential for lag on both routes to the hub.

improving the current set up without using association

There is one more thing to try with your current set up. You may be able to improve this by running a zwave repair on your network.

This can take a while for each device on your network to update its neighbor tables so you may not see the full improvements until the next day.

Getting maximum efficiency

Alternatively, You should be able to directly associate the two switches which would significantly reduce the lag since then they don’t have to go through the hub. It would also allow the 9500 to work even if the hub is not available.

The easiest way to do the association would be to use a minimote.

The downside of doing this is that if you change the dim level with the 9500, The SmartThings mobile app is not going to show the change in status until the next time the master gets polled, but that should be within a few minutes.

If you already have a minimote, you could try association. If you don’t, or you just don’t want to go through the trouble of setting that up, then try a Z wave repair and see if it helps. Again, You might not see the results until the next day so be patient.