[Beta] Zigbee Edge Driver compatible with Lidl, Ecosmart, Osram

This is the invitation link to the channel, I do not know if I did it well, you will tell me.
Everything is tested, except for the two bulbs Ecosmart & Osram LIGHTIFY BR Tunable White @milandjurovic71 asked for

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Invite works fine. I have added your motion sensor and light bulb drivers. Now it’s time to reinstall bulbs.

I just re-installed one Lidl motion sensor. Seems to work just fine! Only icon is messed up but we knew that already.

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@Mariano_Colmenarejo i have installed one Ecosmart bulb without any issues.

I’ll try now re-adding more bulbs, to check if there is any problem.

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Let’s see if when defined in the metadata, the light icon remains after 24 hours or the thing icon appears.

Where can I find the list of available icons? I know I’ve seen her but I can’t find her now :thinking:

@Mariano_Colmenarejo Ok, will monitor. I’ll try to re-add Silvanya/Osram bulbs later.

Happy to report that both bulbs work, without any issues. I was able also to add Automation with Zooz Double Switch running on Edge driver, written by @krlaframboise, and as expected it runs Local.

@nayelyz Only issues with bulbs (or probably ST App), initially they were not reporting change status, if i tried to turn them off or change color temperature and dimm - icon was just spinning. After Shutting down ST and clearing cache, everything works normal.

Good work everyone.


@Mariano_Colmenarejo I have found one issue that is not making bulbs non functional, but device details gets stuck for some time (10-20 seconds). It’s related with Temperature range - bulb capability, that will be different with different models.
Your device allow temperature range from 2000K to 6500K, and Ecismart bulbs are capable of 2700K to 6500K. If move slider below 2700K, it gets stuck for some time. If i hit predefined temperature button for lowest Temperature, in this case some how selects 2450K, it gets stuck for some time. See bellow

This is probably chosen by app, by percentage of driver. If you can somehow query Temperature capabilities of light bulbs or have settings that will alow to set range, that would solve this issue.
Bulbs always go to minimum range, hiwever thise preset buttons are not all useful.

This one is from Groovy dth

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@nayelyz In Automations color temperature range is out of mind, technically correct, but not realistic, from 1K to 30,000K. This is maybe ST problem

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This driver is made with the default libraries according to the capabilities supported by the device.
It does not take into account the operating values of each manufacturer.
If the device is outside the default values, the driver must be customized for that manufacturer, as is done for DTHs.

Sorry, I do not feel qualified to do that now.

Surely when smartthings converts stock DTHs to edge drive it will work fine.

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It works fine, just some users might have little trouble

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This is good so that the problems that exist with the different manufacturers are known