[Beta] Zigbee Edge Driver compatible with Lidl, Ecosmart, Osram, SmartThings & Others

Hi @gifa84

This device uses the EF00 cluster and is not compatible

Thanks @Mariano_Colmenarejo,

so there is no way I can use it with smartthings?

Ask in this specific thread of the EF00 cluster

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Is there any chance we can get LQI and RSSI info for the zigbee window treatment driver? Thanks!

I will look at it.
Next week I won’t be able to do anything, remind me if you see that I don’t answer the following week

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Thanks! Will do!

Hi there,

Would be able to add the finger print to this sensor?
Centralite Micro Door and Window Sensor
I can give you the device ID, if you are able to.

Hi @Tamerfakhry

If you tell me the information of the fingerprints I could see it

Hi @3asmarthome

sorry, i forgot this.
I won’t be able to do it for a few days, I don’t have access to the cli.

Thanks for your reply. It is fine to do it when you are convenient.

I tried to add my Lidl doorbell, but it didn’t find a driver. Is it possible to add it?

Thanks @Mariano, Successfully added all devices and made them working with google. Thanks a lot for your help all through the way. Much appreciated.

@Mariano_Colmenarejo Hi Mate,

I am still facing the same issue with contact sensor going to offline. Its happening for SONOFF and SAMOTECH contact sensors. Its became active when there is event occurs otherwise it goes to offline.

My hub firware has been updated to 46…

Please find the device offline screenshot.

Hi @AverageQuizzer

I have not driver for Buttons, Maybe @erickv can add it to his driver

Hi @Sundareshwar

I can’t think of what might be happening to make them disconnect.

Did you re-pair them with the hub on the new firmware?

Not yet…need to check. Will try and get back to you with updated status.

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That would be great. My other question is: For example the motion sensor from lidl has a driver, I was able to connect it and it works in the smart things app, but when I try it to link to google home, it doesn’t recognize the device and does not link it. Do you know if it should work, or is it only working with SmartThings?

Hi @AverageQuizzer

I don’t know if all types of smartthings devices are exposed to Google home, I don’t use it.
Other users may be able to help you with this.

Does Google home recognise virtual devices ?

If it does you can try creating a virtual device then set up a routine to switch on/off the virtual device when your physical device detects an event

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Yes, Google Home recognizes at least some ST virtual devices. And if the device has switch capabilities you can use it to trigger Google Home routines.