[Beta] Zigbee Edge Driver compatible with Lidl, Ecosmart, Osram, SmartThings & Others

(NEW RELEASE): version 3.5 of the Edge Driver "Zigbee Level ColorTemp Bulb Mc"

First of all, my thanks to @nayelyz for your help when I am stuck with a problem and @milandjurovic71 for your goods suggestions to improve this Driver.

In addition to the Custom Capabilities Random ON-OFF, Progressive-ON and OFF

  • A new Custom Capability has been added to show information about the time remaining for the next random state change.
    I had programmed to show the Time of the next random change, but in Lua I have not been able to show the Local Time, it only shows the UTC Time.

  • Two new Custom Capabilities are added to be able to increase or decrease remotely the intensity Level and the Color Temperature step by step.
    Suggestion of @milandjurovic71, in order to be able to partially replace the functions of the groovy smartapp “ABC Manager”:

  • Switch Level Increase by steps: Eligible in Automations between -30% and + 30%

  • Increase in Color Temperature in steps: Eligible in Automations between -500k and + 500k
    Range for steps changes limited from 2700k to 6000k for valid range of the two Profiles without errors.
    NOTE: In the Color Temperature steps when a value is changed, it does not exactly change that value, due to a problem in the Edge Drive libraries with the conversion from Kelvin to Mireds and vice versa. Issue noted and looks like it will be fixed.

I’m going to change the name that appears in the drivers of my channel, adding -Mc, to differentiate them from the stock drivers or from other users.

How am I going to publish it as a different driver you can install it using the driver change tool in the details menu of the Hub.

  • As it has different Custom Capabilities, the first time a device with this Driver is installed, a FATAL error occurs in the Hub as it does not know the description of the capabilities. This error causes the driver to hang.
  • To solve it, you have to reset or unplug the Hub, without uninstalling the device.
  • Clear the cache of the app on the mobile.
  • When the Hub is back online, Open the Device detaills, wait a bit and it will work.
  • The following devices that are installed will no longer give an error and will be installed correctly.
  • This problem I do not know if it will be solved after the Edge Drive beta phase

Button: Quick Control Automations

Button: Quick Automation with two bulbs and differents increments steps


Are two devices Switches or Lamp_01 is a bulb?

(NEW RELEASE) Version 2.0 of Edge Driver Zigbee Switch Mc.

The new version adds:

  • Version Info in Device Preferences

  • Randon ON-OFF Function so that they can be used in automations to turn on and off randomly together with the Bulbs that already have it.

    • Made with a Custom Capability it can be activated and deactivated with automations and scenes.

    • The Minimum and Maximum times between which the bulb will randomly turn on and off is set in Preferences and can be set between 0.5 minutes and 25 minutes, depending on the needs of each one.

    • How does it work?:

    • When the Random On Off functions is activated, a random interval is calculated between the values ​​chosen in preferences.

    • When the calculated interval is met, it is chosen randomly if the light turns On or Off. This means that not whenever it is on it will turn off or vice versa.

    • When the Random function is deactivated, the light also turns off.

    • You can create scenes and automations to activate and deactivate the function.

Automation Conditions:

Automation Actions:

@Mariano_Colmenarejo everything works fine. I was able to create automation that with each press of the button increases light and press of different button decreases the light. Also it does the same with Temperature Level.
Nice feature is that in Automations your can have both Light Level and Temperature Level activated, and as result you can for example as I tested, start with 10%2700K and and up 100%4473K. It looks nice, from candle light to bright daylight.

Thank you @Mariano_Colmenarejo and @nayelyz
This was tested with Ikea Dimmer, and Ecosmart Tunable White bulb.
I’ll now try this with Zooz ZEN32, which has 4 buttons, plus main switch that can also be used as button.

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Would the following Cree, cool white, dimmable bulb work with your driver’s?

It should work fine.

There are 2 profiles one from 2700k to 6000k and another from 2700k to 6500k
What range does the light bulb have?

Do you want I add it to the channel’s driver or do you want to add it and create your driver from the code on github?

They are all switches, I don’t knwo why that one’s model is “LAMP…”image

In the version that I published yesterday they are posted.
If they work fine, tell me to update the list

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Lidl plugs work. Took some time devices to start working after pairing but eventually they came online. :+1:

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It may be a good idea to have the progressive ON and OFF simulating the Circadian cycle, varying the color temperature depending on the light intensity.

I can set a preference option, so as not to add more capabilities and can choose the progressive ON and OFF simulating the Circadian cycle between 2700k for 1% and 4500k or 5000k for 100% intensity.

With this fórmula could made It: from 1% → 2723k to 100% → 5000k

TempColor = (Level/100 * 2300k) + 2700k

With this other fórmula could made It: from 1% → 2718k to 100% → 4500k

TempColor = (Level/100 * 1800k) + 2700k

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Yes that can be done too, however in my opinion Circadian light should be based on the time of the day.
Meaning, if you turn your light when it’s sunrise light temperature should be 2700K, or at noon should be 6500K, and at night should go back to 2700K. Of course this need to happen Progressively in a range specified by user, as someone like my wife might not like 6500K, and prefer 4500K. Also this need to dynamicly change through the day.
How that can be done?

I am assuming that would be part of the Settings page

If the circadian cycle is related to lightness and color temperature with the time of day.
I meant to simulate this in the progressive on and off by varying the color temperature as a function of the light intensity, regardless of the time of day.

I already have it done and it works fine.

That can be done, the only thing that the functions of the Lua libraries return the value of the UTC time and not the local one.
It would be necessary to add an offset in hours, which each user would have to introduce in preferences to obtain the local time and thus adapt the intensity level and the color temperature at that time.
Then you have to make a timer of 30 more or less minutes to adjust the values to the current time.

I don’t know if this would be useful, in extreme latitude locations it could be useful in winter to simulate the circadian cycle.

I say yes to this. I live in up north and sunlight during winter months is a rare treat. Most of the days are gray and darkness comes around 4pm.

You can add that as an option setting to current driver.
I have seen many treads where users are asking for Circadian Light that I have described - different light temperature at different times of the day, regardless of how is activated (physical switch, automation, on/off). Local time could be calculated if users provide local time zone. Or is that already provided by SmartThings as Sunrise/Sunset time for each hub?

Only color temperature depending on the time or also the intensity? @Sakari @milandjurovic71

Right now with your driver I can control Light Temperature with Light Level. For Circadian light, l think that Temperature should be based on Time only, as i gets darker you want to have warmer light but at different Level than intensity outside. But different people different needs. Also 0 intensity outside means 0% Light inside :thinking:

I’d say temperature comes first. Intensity is more easily adjusted based on one’s need. :thinking:

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(RELEASE) Version 3.6 of the Edge Driver "Zigbee Level ColorTemp Bulb Mc"

Added in Preferences Option to Progressive Turn ON-OFF with ColorTemp increment or decrement.

When activated in Preferences, if you perform a progressive on or off, an increase or decrease of the Color Temperature will be applied according to the intensity level with this formula:

TempColor = (Level / 100 * 2300k) + 2700k

With this formula the color temperature will vary from 1% → 2723k to 100% → 5000k

Option to activate Circadian Color Temperature cycle lighting will come later

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Hi Paul,
I have added the Cree bulb with Switch-Level profile in the Zigbee Level ColorTemp Bulb Mc driver.
Sorry, I read wrong, I didn’t realize it was cold white temperature

Thanks you.
I have no idea how to modify a Edge Driver.