[BETA] Z-Wave Tweaker (See post #209 for new V3 app version)

Here you go:

FAQ: create a virtual three-way using the “mirror“ feature of SmartLighting

Should I undo the tweaker stuff if I use this?

Tweaker is preferable because once you set up the Z wave direct association, it will always work, even if your hub is off-line. That’s helpful for light switches.

The mirror Option in smartlighting is something you can try if for some reason direct association is not working, or if direct association is setting up a loop.

And you can set up direct Association for your primary use case, the accessory switch as the trigger and the master switch as the remote, and then just use the mirror option to keep the two devices in sync in smartthings. In that case you would only have one smart lighting automation, the one where the master is the trigger and the accessory is the target.

So basically you use whatever you need, but you use the tweaker for preference if it works.

(Note that the mirror option also allows you to set up a zigbee switch to mirror a zwave switch, for example, which is a situation where the tweaker wouldn’t work.)

Lol. Well that was unfortunate. I tried setting up the association the other way too and that didn’t work. So I excluded both switches and added them back. I tried to do the association the exact same as I did before and it didn’t work. I set up the mirror for now. I will try again in the morning.

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I recently retired and decided I was going to modernize my Condo by adding some smart switches for the Lighting and possibly move on from there. I decided to use a SmartThings Hub and ended up selecting Eaton Switches. It stated out pretty well, I installed 3 of the Eaton RF9640 Z-Wave Plus Wireless Universal Dimmer switches and everything went well. Then I moved on to a three way switch and started installing the RF9601 Z-Wave Plus Wireless Switch along with the RF9617 Z-Wave Plus Accessory Switch. After about 3 days of playing around with wiring and the Hub for these two switches I finally discovered through some research that I need to associate the RF9617 Switch with the RF9601 Switch and the Samsung Hub would not associate the two switches. Further research lead me to this community. I have no experience writing code but would like to use Z-Wave Tweaker. Next, I hate to admit, but don’t know how to set up / install the Z-Wave Tweaker. I have read through the instructions and don’t understand how I get the Z-Wave Tweaker installed.

Start with the following FAQ and see if it helps. It will explain the basic concepts and Terminology.

The Tweaker is a custom DTH which you are going to install and then temporarIly use for your accessory switch, just long enough to get the settings right and saved in the switch itself. Then you will go back to using the regular DTH for the accessory switch. But start by reading the FAQ, it will explain, among other things, what a DTH is. :sunglasses:

Thank You for responding. Again, i am novice and will ask dumb questions. I have been reading and my first question is do I copy all 2713 lines of code and paste into the Device Handler?

I think I have gotten to the point where I need to set the Scan Ranges, Association Groups etc for the RF9617 Accessory. Are these settings available somewhere? I am not sure what the settings should be?

See the following thread, it discusses the same combination of devices that you have:

Z-Wave RF associations

The GUI is not showing up so I can scan. Just to confirm, is the Z-Wave-tweaker.groovy the only code I copy and paste under Device Handlers?
Also, I do not have the classic app

FYI - the classic app no longer works even if you had it. Mine just loads a support page and shows info on the new app.

Not sure how the developer is going to handle the new app but it would be nice if there was an update to support the new version.

Can anyone please confirm that I have copied the correct code to my Device Handler?

I really appreciate the help that many of you have given a inexperienced newbie. Maybe I am doing something wrong, but I can’t get the GUI to show up. I have done my best to follow all the steps. Really don’t know if this appropriate, but is there anyone that is available to call and help me identify what I am missing. Hoping that it would be quicker, to talk vs writing text back and forth. If so, let me know and I will share my phone number.

I can’t help with the code due to my vision issues, but why don’t you try posting in the link I already gave you:

The author of that thread has the same devices you have and was successfully using the Z wave tweaker with them last week. You could at least ask if they had to have the classic app to make it work.

Michael, I have the same Eaton 9601 and 9617 Switches that you mentioned in your note. I have a Samsung SmartThings Hub (1), am using the SmartThings app (2), have pasted the groovy code (3) into the Device Handler (4) and then edited and added Z Wave-Tweaker to the Hall Light (9617 Accessory Switch) (5). I have went through this process numerous times along with excluding the switches and adding them back to the Hub. However, I can’t seem to get the Tweaker GUI to load. I feel like I am going in circles and missing something really simple. Any help / recommendations you can provide would be appreciated.

(1) Hub

(2)App Screen 1: App Screen 2




This is what I see when I go my Mobile SmartThings App.

Mobile Device Tweaker

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That’s all you will see with the tweaker - it has no working UI in detail view in Newapp - only settings.

What you’re probably looking for is while in the details view - right where you already are - under the three dot menu on the top right, then ‘settings’ like this:

Typically you will associate the target device ID you want to control with Association Group 2 on the device that will be the controller.


Yes, that is what I see. Once I add the target device and the Association Group 2, what is next? I am a newbie with a total of 5 days experience and would like to understand the other settings and how to update, when necessary. Do you have some material you could share that would educate me? Also, if there are two or three target devices, do I need to input anything other than each of the device network ID’s under the Asdociation Group Members? For example my device ID’S are 15 and 14 for the accessory switches with the universal switch ID being 13. How would I type this in under the Association Group Members?

When you find a link to github, there will normally be a code file there, which is the groovy file that you copied into your own account, and a read.me file, which will have the instructions for how to use that code.

In this case:

When you follow the instructions there for setting associations, it tells you that you can list multiple group members, separated by a “,“. These are your multiple targets.

Then in step four, it says:

Tap Done . The change will now be synced with the device, when complete, the Sync tile should turn green.
In the IDE, you should see the old members and the new members displayed:

There are also some troubleshooting steps if you need them.

But basically if you just open the read.me for the tweaker, read the instructions there, and follow them, you should be all set. :sunglasses:

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