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[BETA] Wink Relay - Custom SmartThings Integration


(The Viking AKA "Holy Crap You're a Giant!") #185

I’m not quite to that point yet, but I’ll definitely think on it for you.

I need to ensure this is going to work for me first, and that it will work reliably.

The modification I make internally voids the warranty, so keep that in mind.

(James) #186

I appreciate that. Mine is way out of warranty. I was going to do the same thing you are doing but I have none of the tools or adb experience. I just took it off the wall completely and replaced it, so it’s sitting in a box, if it can’t be recovered it’s essentially trash anyway. :slight_smile:


Got it all up and running no issue!

I do have one problem I’m noticing is adding the Relay to a “SmartThings Scene” causes the app to soft crash as soon as you scroll and the switch comes into view, happens 100% of the time, reliably.

Also have a question, any reason you chose to have the relay display as one switch instead of two? Automations would be great if I could control one switch and not the other!

Anyway, fantastic work. Super pumped, thank you again Josh!

(Joshua Lyon ( Dashboard)) #188

Which app are you using? The SmartThings app should show both switches independently as shown in the screenshot in the first post (as well as the ability to control both switches at once via the master status).


I’m using the SmartThings Android app, under My Home, the top and bottom load switches are not visible, only the Wink Relay itself. But when it comes to adding automations they appear separately as well as all in one.

(Craigoram) #190

So I have tried the .3 version. Btw thanks for all your work! I have a question. How can I intercept a button press in order to use the button for function? In other words… I have the physical relay for switch one turned on (it is for a fan so it will remain on) but I want to use the buttons to perform some soft functions… like turning on the fan or the fan light (zigbee). Can I do this? I might be missing something, I think I read all the thread but I may have missed a post or two with this answer.

(Craigoram) #191

Btw I fixed my bricked relay by hardwiring the serial connection and using busybox xmodem to push the original wink-projectone-release.apk which I unzipped from the To be honest it was over 3 months ago so I can’t remember if that was the only thing I did. I do remember that transferring the entire is way to big. I also remember that I might have transferred other individual core files from the zip file thru xmodem


A shout out and a thank you for this. I started building this over the weekend and then realized I better check if somebody had already done it. It’s great.

(T1tentrum) #193

I would like to know where the WINK project is going.
I see problems to solve and new problems to appear. I read everything you wrote but I’m a little lost.
So, to have a reliable Wink. Can I use the WIKI in the current state. Which version of the application Joshua_lyon should I use.

I have 5 new WINK to program and I would like to program them in the most reliable way in the long run.


Hey Joshua, thanks for all your work. I have this loaded on two wink relays now and it seems to be working solid. I was just wondering if you’re still working on the proximity sensor? Would be nice if that was working too. Also the only other thing I’ve noticed is, when the screen goes to sleep, and you touch it to wake it up, it results in a button press, not a big deal, but just wondered if there’s a way around that?


(Joshua Lyon ( Dashboard)) #195

All of the problems related to the APK which were reported further up in the thread except for presses of the bottom button causing the custom APK to crash have been fixed.

Edit: I fixed the bottom button crash. All of the bugs should be fixed now. There are a few change requests open through.

I would follow the steps in the Wiki, but do not follow the steps from 33 onward about disabling updates and messing with the file system. (While I can’t say that’s what caused the “groundhog day” issue with my Wink Relay, my issue only started occurring after I used those steps). You should not need ADB for the setup in this thread. Once you get root, the app will take care of disabling the apps as needed.

Use the latest one linked in the original post (0.4.0). Anything after 0.2.1a should be a fine starting point though as that version introduced the ability to check for updates in the Settings menu and automatically upgrade.

(Joshua Lyon ( Dashboard)) #196

The raw proximity values are being sent across to the device handler, so they are available to you if you wanted to wire something up with a rule engine. If I remember correctly, I don’t think I ever mapped them over to a motion attribute or set them to turn the screen on automatically if that’s what you are looking for.

If you want a motion attribute, you could modify the DTH around the lines linked above. Add something like:

if(prox > YOUR_THRESHOLD){
    sendEvent(name: "motion", value: "active")
    sendEvent(name: "motion", value: "inactive") 

Ideally you’d add a little logic that checks previous values and only triggers on a change in proximity, but hopefully that gives you the basic idea.

That’s a fair point. Maybe when the screen goes to sleep, I should prevent the initial touches from doing anything. I’ve been focusing my efforts on a different dashboarding solution at which applies to a broader range of wall mounted touchscreen devices, so I haven’t put a whole lot of focus into tweaking my Wink Relay lately.

(Joshua Lyon ( Dashboard)) #197

I just pushed out an update which fixes the bottom button issues. It’s available via the update mechanism in the STWinkRelay app settings as well as linked in the first post. (0.4.0)

(James) #198

Keep up the good work!

(T1tentrum) #199

I followed the wiki wink relay steps up to number 32. I installed your apk and use disabler oem. Your disabler oem gives us access to the notification window and allows us to see in the top of the screen the status of the wifi and the battery. I liked that in full screen mode nobody is able to access anything. Is there a possibility to hide the top of the screen again. Is there a possibility to restore the proxy sensor calibration to its original state.

(Joshua Lyon ( Dashboard)) #200

Interesting… it’s not doing that on my device. Are other people experiencing this?

Is this a feature of the base Wink Relay app? I’m not familiar with it.

(T1tentrum) #201

I will try tonight to use disableroem after following all the steps of the wiki. Maybe the result will be different.

(T1tentrum) #202

I restarted the wiki from beginning to end. if i install your apps without installing disabler oem this does not affect the android System Bar. The proxy sensor remains functional and the screen closes and can relight with a movement but also opens anytime. It closes a few seconds and comes back immediately for nothing. If I install the disabler oem, the android system bar at the top is hidden on the home screen but remains visible in applications even using an application like hide system bar.

(Robert ) #203

I am running 0.4.0a and every 4 to 5 days the relay freezes and requires a reset. Any fix to this?
Thank you

(S H) #204

So haven’t messed with this for weeks. Occasionally i am getting screen that won’t wake up. I keep the icon to this app in left upper hand corner and blindly tap that upper left corner to reactivate app if screen doesn’t come on. It has worked until now. Don’t know what happened but now nothing comes on. Even pressing soft reset button doesn’t reboot the unit. Is it dead? i tried the hard reset procedure of top button with soft reset button and nothing? Anything else i can do?