[BETA] Wink Relay - Custom SmartThings Integration

Hi Kemaan hope you are doing fine can you please help me on how to make webCore find my devices when I go into devices is not in the list so I can add them any suggestion?


I am having problem installing device type handler and child device handler

here is the error

No signature of method: script_app_metadata_ff5ac382_69ce_48ba_b8cf_511f409b95ac.metadata() is applicable for argument types: (script_app_metadata_ff5ac382_69ce_48ba_b8cf_511f409b95ac$_run_closure1) values: [script_app_metadata_ff5ac382_69ce_48ba_b8cf_511f409b95ac$_run_closure1@100a5047] Possible solutions: getMetadata(), getState(), setState(java.lang.Object), metaClass(groovy.lang.Closure)

Make sure you install each thing in the right place within the IDE.

SmartApp needs to be installed under My SmartApps
Devices needs to be installed under the My Device Handlers

Thank you so much I am far from good at this. Thank you for doing this. I have them loaded. My relay is working but I am not showing any apps on mobile. I have so much stuff that was on wink. Angry with what they have done. Any idea how to get Quirky Pivot Power Genius to work on smart things?

Just wanted to say thanks.

I got everything up and running and used the Smart Lighting SmartApp to have the relay buttons trigger lights to come on and off.

In the new Smartthings app, the Relay does show a constant “Checking Status” in the overview, but everything works as it should. Thought I’d point it out just in case.


Look at this thread: LABS RELEASE: Quirky Pivot Power Genius

Ricardo, follow the directions on
https://wiki.webcore.co/ to get everything set up. Once everything is set up, then you can go to the smart apps section of the SmartThings app and create the “piston”. You select your devices during the creation process.

Hey thanks for the response I already have webcore running and I know how to update devices, but wink relay does not appear as available option to select in order to add it. I will uninstall webcore and install it again.

It worked deleting the app and reinstalling it. But having Joshua’s smartapp already installed.

Thanks for the great work and instructions! I was able to get my Relay set up and working with SmartThings.
One thing that may help others now that Wink is pay - I skipped steps 18-20 (installing Wink app) on the Root instructions and then stopped at step 32.
Everything worked well, except my initial reset to factory just kept showing the Wink logo. These instructions helped

It works! I got my hub.

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This isnt happening to me

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Do I need a smart things hub for this to work?

I know nothing about any of this but the way I understand you still use wink to control the pivots my goal is to completely stop using Wink

In the new Smartthings app? Not the classic app. What does yours say?

Yes. I tried it without one. it didnt work. It worked flawlessly once I got a hub

I dont have a pivot power. I just found the link and forwarded it. I also would never go back to wink, as their fee is just a dealbreaker

Just checked and old android phone ( I use ios now). It happens in the new android app, but not in the new ios app.

I bricked mine after updating wink and doing a factory reset.

Here is some more information on the problem I seem to have. It looks like Relay 2 in my original post may have some issue, either hardware or configuration. If I pull off the Wink Relay and let it sit on the table overnight, then reconnect it, the touch input is responsive as expected and the screen turns off after the set 15 seconds. A few hours (or maybe half a day) later, the problem re-occurs. Touch input is very sluggish, display never turns off.
Simply rebooting the relay (either by pulling it off or by pressing the reset button) does not resolve the issue.

Any ideas or suggestions?