[BETA v0515] Hampton Bay Zigbee Ceiling Fan/Light Controller

The Wink one is also RF it even comes with a remote and talks to the smart hub via Zigbee which courses a hole host of communication issues to the hub. The Inovelli devices is basically the same thing just Z Wave which is much better to use.

I have two (three counting the one I had to return) of the Wink version and needed a Zigbee repeater for one and it was working for a few months then stopped, so I removed the repeater and the Wink device. I am pretty confident this new one will work much better.

I am not to sure the issues was even the Zigbee protocol itself because I do have some lights that are further from the hub then the fans are and they work fine. I think it is just the device itself. The reason I had to return one was because the only way I could get it to work was directly over the hub and a repeater did not help it what so ever.

Yes, the Wink devices also incorporates an RF receiver. The Inovelli device is purely RF. It is not Z-Wave. Z-Wave commands are processed by the in-wall controller, and passed along via RF to the canopy module.

The Wink module IS a smart device. The Inovelli module IS NOT. The paired controller IS a Z-Wave device. The module CANNOT be used without the paired Z-Wave controller.

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The device may not be for everyone I guess but it will sure work for what I need it for. To make my Fan/Light work with SmartThings and also allow for easy local switch access, as there is no device out there that does.

Was only clarifying that the fan module itself is not a z-wave device. There seemed to have been some confusion on that part. It’s still unknown if the RF module has any sort of status reporting back to the in-wall controller. If not, it’s no better than using Bond.

Just received an update that the Inovelli fan canopy module is a transceiver and WILL report status back to the in-wall controller. True 2-way communication.

The wifi remotes from home depot linked above use smart by bond (so they use the bond app) but the canopy module has a wifi antenna for two way communication. It’s completely different from the bond BD-1000 base station, it doesn’t use RF at all except for the wall remote.

And even if you change a setting with the wall remote, the api is near instantaneous and the state change is reflected in both the bond app and smartthings.

So you have a WiFi canopy module. Most people here would like to avoid that though.

Well, there isn’t a zwave module sold separately with a native smartthings integration yet, so it’s the next best thing. Certainly better than this DTH and defunct wink module

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