[BETA v0515] Hampton Bay Zigbee Ceiling Fan/Light Controller


(Steve Jackson) #612

I think I read that the hardware itself is what is limiting dimming to 20%.

(Rob Whapham) #613

I see this can be used to add control to fans that didn’t originally have any, but what about fans that already have an RF receiver? I have a Home Decorator Collection (Home Depot) fan that has an RF remote to control the fan speed and light. If I purchased this controller, would I have to remove the exiting receiver and then wire the new one in its place? Or would it not work in this instance? Thanks.

(Mark) #614

It depends.

Is the receiver for your current fan a similar shape/size to the hampton bay zigbee-enabled receiver, and is there a spot in the canopy to put the receiver? I have a fan that came with a receiver that I was able to replace with this one. But some RF-controlled fans integrate the receiver into the motor housing in a way that would be impossible to replace with this one.

(Rob Whapham) #615

So, am I correct to assume that if I can’t remove the existing receiver, then I can’t add the Zigbee one?