[BETA v0515] Hampton Bay Zigbee Ceiling Fan/Light Controller

You have to set up the Samsung buttons up in the new app. Because of this you cannot control any device with the button that has a custom DTH. I have already tried but it will only list ST supported devices when setting the button up. I am hoping that someone will come out with a custom DTH for the Samsung Button to solve this.

GRRRR Why is Samsung being like this… These are our homes and we choose their device to run them . Why are they restricting us with this new hub… I am going hub 3 just for the mesh networking (getting the 3 pack) and the local hub abilities so I can have more coverage. Or is it just due to the software not being fully ready yet ?? I have read that you can still use the classic hub once you pair the V3 Hub to your devices you can use Classic to set up automations… See if that works. But YES I want samsung buttons due to Aqara not wanting to really help their end users (on a ST hub)

My opinion: The new app is not fully ready for prime time. That is why most are just pairing the hub and then using the classic app.

But, you have to think that one of the features of SmartThings is the huge number of devices that work with it, including other clouds, like Ring, Ecobee, etc. Then, on top of that, throw in having to be able to customize their workings as to how the user wants, a major software upgrade is a huge undertaking.

SmartThings has been quote vocal and adament that they will not be taking any functionality away from users.

Be patient, it will come around when its ready.


Good news, I was able to control the fan with the button using a routine in the old app. You will need to add a routine for each function (single press, double, and hold) but it did work.

As for the 3 pack ST WIFI hubs I may be wrong but I thought that only one of the hubs will act as a ST hub and the other two are WIFI only.

Below is the conversation I had with Smartthings Support about V3 Mesh Hub.(3 pack)

What I wrote Samsung

Aug 20, 5:37 PM MST

I want to get the 3 pack of the wireless mesh networked smartthings hub (v3) do they have the same features of the v3 hub and do they also allow better saturation of Zigbee/Z-Wave signals or is that still a single hub function? I have not seen anything that covers this.
I currently have a Smartthings setup with roughly 50 devices hooked up (yes I caught the BUG BAD) and have dead zones in my home that loose devices (also in a shed in the back of my yard currently using a different wireless solution which will be replaced with your setup) I am hoping for better coverage of Zwave and Zigbee so I have no more dropouts. Thanks

Samsung Reply

Hello there,

Thank you for contacting SmartThings today! I’m so sorry you’re having trouble with finding that info. I’d be glad to help out. Yes indeed the features of SmartThings wifi are the same as v3 and also each one will act as a repeater for signal so they will indeed repeat and help with saturation. I hope that this answers your questions.

1 hub will act as master and each consecutive hub added will act as a repeater for both wifi zigbee and zwave devices. You are not limited to just 3 hubs, you can add up to 32 hubs together to complete your network.

I hope this helps answer your questions.

Thank you,

Support Engineer

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I have 1-2 extra of the Wink controller & remotes and a few extra of the wireless wall remotes & controllers
Let me know if you are interested.

Well this is good news! I may have to give these a second look.

I will as soon as I get liquid… Im tired of some things dropping off due to some weird interference from where the main hub is. .Most of it cleared up when I moved a LARGE Enterprise 1701 shaped hunk of metal away from my ST Hub :slight_smile:

It is…most annoying!

Update: I bought a Wink hub and the Hampton Bay controller worked perfectly with all three fans I have. Paired, operate, run all 4 speeds, lights, etc. I even got Alexa working with it, but it has to be done through IFTTT for the fan controls. So I can definitely rule out any issues with the fan controller, or how I wired the controller into the fan, etc.

I’m new to all the Smart Home stuff, and I was surprised at how much more powerful SmartThings was compared with Wink. I’d still love to try and get ST to work with this controller and sell the Wink on eBay. My ideal would be to be able to do the “Goodbye” routine and have all the lights in my apt shut off including the fans, etc.

I seem to be stuck from the start on how to detect my fan/remote. The Hampton bay/wink remote is not showing up on my app. I just purchased my first hub (v3) and downloaded app. In fact, the app isn’t detecting anything. I had to hand select from menu a new out of box smarthings water leak sensor. I don’t know if this is something to do with the fan/wink remote, the newer hub/app, or where to start. I can only seem to do things with the drop down menus in the app and scanning bar codes. Thanks!

I don’t believe this DTH is supported on the new app yet. Have to download the classic app.

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I have now downloaded the classic app. It detects the WINK fan. Thanka for that tip! Can you please point me to what i need to “publish the dth” or the parent and 2 children, as you write. I am new to smartthings. The threads are long and I haven’t found the basics.

I’ll do you one better, this is a write-up by @JDRoberts. If there’s a question about custom DTHs and code that isn’t answered here, then it doesn’t deserve an answer. :stuck_out_tongue:


This is great…it seems to have worked to a degree…the Smarthings website is in this weird Twilight Zone stage where it shows the device handlers i have now published but says I have no devices when I come at it from the developer side, but if i click over to look at my “home” I can see the devices and then the device handlers disappear. From other threads, I am going to assume some sort of time lapse issue that will resolve for the moment and come back later. [UPDATE: I found a very bizarre worked around that fixed this. I re-published by starting from the “home” side of the Smartthings webpage that had my devices, and that worked. It seems as though 2 separate accounts were co-existing in the same webpage but not actually commucating…very odd. this is the old developer page, which may explain it].

However, as a true newbie who doesn’t do code at all, there is one thing I had to figure out for myself by a little trial and error that is not handled in the FAQ nor the instruction thread here: you have to copy the code starting at the “def” line. This apparently is known to everyone who gets this far. Not me. Perhaps useful to others as this becomes more mainstream?

Thank you for all the help!

I just picked up 4 of these for all my upstairs fans.

Pairing and all other pitfalls from above were all addressed and taken care of with no issues.

I did purchase the Sylvania Zigbee Plug (-A) as I didn’t even think it would be an issue. It was garbage. Ordered up a Peanut and now all fans are responding perfectly.

Now to think of some good WebCore’s for them

Thank you for this

I bought two of these fan controllers from Home Depot and had them installed.
One is in a bedroom upstairs and the other is in a bedroom just across the hall.
The ST hub is downstairs almost directly beneath the fan (but a floor below).

The second controller was able to be reset and paired with little coaxing. The first fan controller was very difficult to get to reset in order to pair, but eventually it did.

I’m having issues where sometimes one fan controller will accept commands from ST and not the other or vice versa. It’s hard for me to believe it’s a distance issue because the ST hub is literally just one floor beneath – and also sometimes bedroom 2 (slightly further) works while bedroom 1 doesn’t.

Do I have faulty controllers? Are these controllers just really unreliable?

Based on the description of your problem, you more than likely you need to add a repeater or two. The radios in these are really that bad. I have been told that the fan blades themselves will also affect the signal if the hub is a floor below.

I have 2 of these controllers. The one in my living room is about 10 feet from the hub and works well. The one in our bedroom is about 20 feet and a couple of walls away and uses a repeater, a peanut plug I bought off of Amazon for less than $20.


I had a similar issue. My hub is literally less than 10 feet away from my fan but a floor away. And until I added a zigbee repeater FURTHER away from the hub than the fan is but on the other side of the fan, it kept losing connection. Now that I have a repeater on the opposite side it never loses connection. Used to have to reset it every 4th of 5th day to get it to connect. Haven’t had to reset it in weeks now. I also didn’t modify the fan cowl so the wifi antenna could stick out…that’s prolly why my signal is having issues too. But it’s working now, so I’m not going to question it.

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