[BETA v0515] Hampton Bay Zigbee Ceiling Fan/Light Controller

I purchased from HomeDepot. They showed out of stock and I selected the “notify me” when avaialble. I purchased three and I’m thinking of putting in for three more. I guess I’m just backing up @oldcomputerwiz

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I have been using this setup for about 2 months now and my first complaint was that it was cluttering up my Google Home with all the child devices being exposed by default. After some help I found the setting to allow me to only expose the fan and fan-light devices to google home. What I didn’t realize that I did until I turned them off was that I can no longer control the speed of the fan. Is there a way to voice control the fan speed without having all the child devices exposed to google assistant?

Since you’re primarily interacting with your goggle home with voice commands, is it really that big a deal for the child devices to show up in a list of devices that google assistant has access to?

It can become cluttered/complicated when trying to scale past a few controllers. Ideally the fan parent device would be the exposed device and states would be passed to the child devices. As this is my first foray into ST device handler’s I don’t understand why this couldn’t be made to do such.

I’m not a developer so I couldn’t say, sorry. I’m not sure how active the developers for this device handler are around here anymore. One of them hasn’t posted anything in months, and the other has mostly transitioned to the hubitat hub.

I use Alexa to control my fan. I only authorized the child devices for the speeds I use (so that cut down on a couple), and I find it easy enough to just scroll past them when making changes to anything in the Alexa app.

Good luck though.

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The child devices were created with the primary reason of allowing voice control for each of the fan speeds. The only other option would be to use the old clunky method of “setting fan to” followed by a number…eg set fan to 25 for low, and set fan to 50 for medium, etc.
I don’t ever set my fan above medium so I only added the low and medium fan speeds.


I figured out a work around. I use IFTTT to make the commands and expose all the child devices to IFTTT rather than Google assistant.

You actually got notified when they were in stock? I signed 6 months ago and have never received an email.

That is a good way of doing it…but if you use the google assistant skill in IFTTT you have to remember what to say EXACTLY or it doesn’t work. One thing you might want to try is use the text component command for IFTTT and WebCore through Webhooks.

You can set up IFTTT to recognize a command to google home using a text component and then pass that component over to ST with a webcall. You can then use that info in a piston to set the device to do what you want. I use this for things like light control and whatnot.

But now there’s a list of all the child devices in the IFTTT app instead of google assistant. How is that any different?

I started tracking the item 11/24/17 and got notification of in stock on Feb 26

Device Handler Update & 4 speed thermostat control
The device handler has been rock solid for me. I have 3 fans in use and all are working as expected.

The thermo-stat is another issue. It appears to be set off by temperature only. This is in-spite of the fact I have motion detect also on and the fans will not turn off until the temperature drops.

QUESTION: I was thinking of using webcore to set up the rules for controlling thermostat . Before I dive into this experience I want to make sure:

  1. Has anyone else has solved the problems with the 4 speed thermostat?
  2. What are your thoughts on Webcore? Should I dive into this?

I’ve been watching and listening to you guys with great interest. I would appreciate the feed back.

I’m not a code guy… Just an old ME that knows Fortran IV :slight_smile:

Back in stock now at HD! Just ordered one.


I just ordered on myself

Having problems finding the current version of the device handler…can’t find the link in the thread. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Info for IDE github integration and link to the GitHub repo are in the OP.

Thanks. Got it all installed and working properly, including the thermostatic controller.

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I was so excited to see these in stock again.
I finally got one and installed it.
Unfortunately, I cannot get it to work with the smartthings app at all.
I linked the github and got the 3 device handlers. It detects and then installs the KOF controls.
Then when I try to use them I get “Can’t connect to device. Check device and try again.”
I even moved smartthings hub to the same room hoping it was just a distance issue. No change.
Hope this hasn’t been covered already. I did search prior to posting. =/
Oddly enough, i just did a discover in Alexa and it works fine there. Which is what I wanted anyway.

Try turning the power off to the device. You may have to turn off a breaker if there is no switch present. That what I had to do.
Finally got mine after months and months of waiting. Installed quick and easy and setup was a breeze. Great work on the DTH too. Very logical setup.

So I purchased the 4 speed Hampton Bay Universal Wink Enabled White Ceiling Fan Premier Remote Control from Home Depot (the one that comes with the hand held remote and Zigbee RF module). Set that up and it works great. I did not have a wall switch for this fan, which is fine because the remote sits on the end table.

I have 2 other fans that have a small on/off toggle switch for the light, and a 4 position slider (off,low,med,high) in a single gang box. To keep it wife friendly I need a wall controller of some type. If I tie off the wires behind the switch can I replace the switch with the wall controller from Home Depot (not the remote) and RF/Zigbee module?

If that is doable I need the wall switch w/ RF combo and remote w/ RF/zigbee combo? The plain RF module would not be used,