[BETA v0515] Hampton Bay Zigbee Ceiling Fan/Light Controller


(Eric) #388

I’m leaving the living room fan as FAN, because we’ll use it the most, so the other settings are FAN LOW and FAN HIGH.

The master bedroom will be MASTER FAN/MASTER FAN LOW/MASTER FAN HIGH. When I install the other two in my kids’ rooms, I’ll replace MASTER with their names.

(MarkTr) #389

In Alexa smart home, I have the “parent” device (“Fan”) along with all the child speeds and light. If I ask for fan in it seems to go back to the speed last set (and maybe what the light was last set to, not home to confirm), mimicking the power button on the remote. By renaming one speed it would conflict with that device.

(Eric) #390

Do you have a device called FAN in Alexa or ST? I renamed my fans in Alexa, so all the Living Room fan controls are just FAN, but the Master Bedroom is MASTER FAN. Then just remove “MEDIUM” from the FAN MEDIUM label.

(MarkTr) #391

OK, that’s what I was trying to figure out - you renamed the parent devices so there was no conflict by renaming the child device to what the parent was before. Sorry if I didn’t ask the question clearly.

I assigned my fan to the room associated with the Echo so I don’t need to say “living room” every time. My other controller didn’t work with the fan I have, so I haven’t had to worry about conflicts yet.

(Eric) #392

No problem. I assigned the actual light to each of the echos, since we use the lights more.


I’ve got 3 fans using the MR101Z receiver and one of them keeps dropping off the Zigbee network every day or two. I have to factory reset it (usually take multiple attempts) to repair it. Then a couple days later it is off the network again. I have 3 other Zigbee devices (including a repeater) in the same room as this fan so I don’t think signal is an issue. The other two fans have no issues with staying on the network. Any ideas?



(Steve Jackson) #394

@glc650 What are your 3 devices? Are any of them light bulbs? if so, what type?


oldcomputerwiz, no light bulbs. NYCE door sensor, NYCE motion sensor and an Iris Smart Plug/repeater.

update: Ok this is a first. So this morning is when I discovered the fan offline again (after last repairing it two days ago) and while messing with it I left it on (light on/fan speed low) to come and post here. I just checked the app and now the fan is working again. Earlier this morning (and when I had to factory reset & repair in the past) the app would just show “adjusting” when trying to turn fan off/set speed and the light button in the app wouldn’t do anything (even though it acted as if it was working properly).

NOTE: when I say “offline” the IDE still shows the fan as ONLINE but last activity was hours or days ago while my other two fans show moments or minutes ago. And this is the actual fan, not the light that I’m looking at in the IDE.

(Steve Jackson) #396

I was wondering if you were repeating through a light bulb, which you are not. If possible, maybe try and move the plug/repeater to another outlet. On my fan, I tried to make sure that the zigbee antenna exited the shroud pointing at the plug.

(Mark) #397

I agree with this suggestion, see if it helps with your connection issue. After moving the iris plug, unplug your hub and remove the backup batteries if they’re installed, leave it for at least 15 mins. That forces a zigbee mesh refresh.

@glc650 FYI your NYCE motion and contact sensors are not acting as zigbee repeaters, only mains powered devices repeat signals. And as @oldcomputerwiz implied, there are several brands of zigbee bulbs that are supposed to repeat zigbee signals, but they do a really bad job of it and can end up creating more problems.

(Eric) #398

I just experienced something weird with one of my new fan installs. Everything was working well earlier, but then at one point, my daughter’s fan only worked with the included hand remote, but not with the wall remote or ST app. Later on, it’s working again (although I had reset the controller while finishing the install of my new subpanel.) Hopefully, this problem won’t repeat.

Speaking of which, I’m dying to show off my electrical work. I cleaned up my Mickey-mouse wiring job that I’d had for several years with my earlier (non-smart) Hampton Bay remotes. This is my first subpanel! :smiley:

(MarkTr) #399

@dalec was any progress ever made finding the cause of the lockup for the 4-speed thermostat smartapp? Now that I have fan controllers I’d like to get them running on their own…

(Eric) #400

I"m still having a problem with the smartapp (or ST) occasionally not able to control my fan. It’ll work with the remote, but not the app. A few minutes later, it’s fine. I came across something called Zigbee Insecure Rejoin…is this worth trying? Is there too much risk of someone breaking into my system with this?

(Stephan H.) #401

Search this thread for zigbee repeater. It will explain the issue with this controller and has solved the problem you described for almost everyone.

(Charlie Morris) #402

@dalec Thanks for all your support. I’m down to what I think is my last issue. I’ve implemented your 4 Speed Ceiling Fan Thermostat - ZigBee. I’m able to have the ST motion/temp_sensor turn the fan on, but under a no motion scenario, I can’t get it to turn the fan off.

Am I missing something?


(MarkTr) #403

I just experienced the lockup described in the top post (I think) - you might want to hold off on the thermostat app. I think @dalec is off the forums these days so there may not be any further development on this.

(Stephan H.) #404

He has been AWOL for some time now so I wouldn’t expect a response or update to that smartApp.

If your fan stops responding in general, it’s probably not the app and you need a zigbee repeater to prevent intermittent drops that this controller is known for. Search the posts above for details.


Does anyone know how to buy one of these things anymore? I tried doing a live chat with kingoffans support asking for a spare part and they guy literally yelled at me in all caps and said they don’t sell them anymore.:joy:

Also how much do they charge for just the relay?

(MarkTr) #406

Thanks, I’ve been following this thread closely and have a repeater almost directly over the fan which was working reliably until this weekend. I’ll try moving it when I have a chance.

(Steve Jackson) #407

Keep watching the Home Depot website. They come back in stock every few months. They don’t last long though.