[BETA RELEASE] Updated Open Source Ecobee Device Type and SmartApps

Yes, you should ONLY create and edit them from within Ecobee (Connect)

Note that I have FINALLY made my version available via SmartThings/GitHub integration.

See here for more information…

Also note that the old version is being deprecated.

when i try to download open contacts smartapp through the integration i get this:
Updated 0 and created 0 SmartApps (1 skipped due to errors)
All else works great

@greenzkool -

Which is your mobile platform (iOS or Android)?

Which version are you running?

When you. say “download”, did you first download and save all the SmartApps in the IDE first? Ecobee (Control) doesn’t actually download the apps, just create the instances…

BE sure to use the latest release version and follow the instructions there…

I’m having the same problem as @greenzkool. In my IDE if I try to install or update the open contacts SmartApp through GitHub, I receive an error. I can install it manually, only GitHub integration for that one SmartApp fails. The rest of the GitHub integration works.

Android but that’s not the problem. It was when I tried to download them to
the IDE from the repository, everything else was fine, smart apps and
devices. But the one failed to download from the repository.

@jhamstead @greenzkool -

I think I solved the problem - please try again and let me know if it works now.


That fixed it. Thanks!

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