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[BETA RELEASE] TKB TZ69E - Blue LED Switch & Power Monitoring

(Stephen Hill) #1

By my own admission I am NOT a Groovy Programmer, so this Device Type is mainly to solve a problem that I am having and it’s my first attempt - so please use with caution!

This Device Type builds off the fantastic work that @CSC started with his own Device Type for the TKB TZ68E which solved a problem where the Blue LED on the unit would turn off when the device was on, and turn on when the device was off.

This Device Type also worked well for the TKB TZ69E, but it didn’t include Power Monitoring which the new unit was capable of.

So this Device Type is a merger of both Soon Chye’s, and the generic Z Wave Metering Switch. It seems to work fine for me - but please have a go yourselves.

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This works great thanks Stephen! I like the little toggle to change the mode of the on/off LED too, nice touch.