We are wrapping things up as fast as we can with plans to have this out to the public asap. Just putting the final touches on it.

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My custom voice messages never trigger from the echo via routines. That is why I am excited for this. It is using SmartThings for the sensors so hopefully it it will.

I’m having the same issues with my custom notifications. I’m not a fan of the voice synthesizing of other options, plus I’ve had nothing but problems with stability. Alexa sounds less like a computer so I’m super pumped on this!

One more question, will this be using the Community App Installer?

Looks like it’s up on the community installer! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

What is the community installer you guys are talking about?

Search function is your friend. It’s a few easy steps to install…

That’s always a friendly way to respond to someone. What’s this search function thing you’re talking about?


I’m about to release to public as well

It’s out :wink:


You’re a god! If this replaced my existing setup, I’m smashing the crap out of that donation button!


Aaaaand already dun messed something up…
Getting “Cannot GET /ap/cvf/request” after login screen for Amazon…

read the wiki

It took me a few hours to get that wiki up there… Y’all better read it from start to finish!!! :smile:

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Lol I did! I’ll start over :man_facepalming:t4:… the pictures are missing. And I’m the type that needs them :sweat_smile:

they’re there… use a computer… not sure why the Wiki pages do not always render the pictures on the phones

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Oh, totally agree and I can’t wait to get my hands on this smart app, but his use case was pretty simple and straightforward. He could accomplish that today, and get the brain thinking about all the other things he wants to do.

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