[BETA] New smartapp Automation-Director choose almost any triggers and assign actions

One advantage is the simplicity of setting up the automation. CoRE is definitely powerful but it can be intimidating for some people to setup.


This looks interesting - excellent to contribute to the community.

Just wanted to note that you might want to make this available for IDE integration to make it easier for folks trying this out to keep up w/updates. I just tried to add this to my IDE and got:

“You don’t have access to therkilt/SmartThings-Projects”

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Yeah! Got my push back

Thanks @Terk :yum:


I made this available via IDE integration at https://github.com/therkilt/SmartThingsPublic/tree/master/smartapps/terk/automation-director.src I’m trying to edit the first post to update the location but it doesn’t seem to want to let me edit it now that people have replied to it. Update, I had to use the pencil at the bottom instead of the top, so the location has been updated.


Thanks! Just added your repo and updated. :slight_smile:

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I think if you’re already using core and it works for you, you should just keep using core. It will do everything that this smartapp does and a lot more.

But the challenge with core is that it’s really technical. Just trying to explain to somebody what a “latching piston” is will tell you immediately whether they have a programming/technical background or not. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

There are quite a few people who have tried to use core and ended up deciding that they will only use it when someone in the core peer assistance thread gives them the exact piston they need for a particular use case. Which is fine, there are a lot of people who are glad to help, but it is a little unsettling.

So I think this smartapp creates another option, and why not? I particularly like the visual presentation, because I think that’s one of the areas which is really daunting to non-technical users of core.

Choice is good. :sunglasses:

BTW, those who want to combine multiple sensors into a zone can use @mike_maxwell’s zone manager and then just put the zone manager master sensor as the trigger in this Smartapp.


@Terk I agree Core is and can be imtimidating especially for non programmers like me. is there anyway to flash a light for a number of times when a button is press or held?

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CoRE is the only app I’m aware of that can do that at the moment. I can add that but I’m not sure how quickly I can get to it.

@Terk thanks for putting this together; saving me a lot of time and effort!

Very new to this and still learning how the code works, so bear with me.

I have noticed an issue with the way the temperature readings are handled with a time schedule. It appears that the temperature related events are only triggered when there’s a change in temperature. Normally this would make sense, except when there’s a begin/end schedule. What would need to be done to trigger a temperature event at the beginning (and less importantly end) of the schedule?

Also, having an option to turn off/on any switches after the schedule is complete would be great.

I wish I could contribute more directly to the code, but at this point I’d do more harm than good.


Can you give me an idea of what schedule you are referring to? Screenshots of your setup may help me understand what your trying to accomplish. Thanks.

Sorry - by schedule I meant Restric when to run.

Here’s an example of what I mean. The setup was to turn on AC if the temperature was above 70, and the time restriction was between 3:50 and 5:50. The action didn’t execute until there was a change in temperature during that time period (it was at 72 at 3:50, then registered 71 at 4:01 when the AC was then turned on).

Ok, thanks that makes sense. The way that rule is setup currently it is only triggered by temperature changes and restricted on when to execute the actions which is why at 3:50pm it didn’t proactively check the temp and turn on the AC, but instead waited until the temperature changed within the restricted time frame to trigger the action.

I would need to create a new trigger of schedule so at 3:50 exactly or Sunrise or whatever is set it would check the restriction of temperature being above 70 before it would execute the action of turning on the AC. I will add this to the changes I want to make to the app but I don’t know when I’ll be able to get it finished.

If you need this soon I’d recommend CoRE even though it can be a challenge to setup it is much more widely used so most of these possibilities have been addressed in the app, if you know how to setup the piston (although there are usually plenty of people willing to help create the piston). In this case the piston would look something like this:

Awesome; thanks a lot!

I set up the pistons in CoRE yesterday. Works fine and is triggering right at 3:50, but is pretty cumbersome to set up. I understand the flexibility it offers, but I prefer to be a simple minded person when possible.

Anyway, thanks again.


Thanks for a great app!

Would it be possible for you to add a delay function into it at some stage please. For example, I have the kitchen lights come on when there is motion in the Dining Room and have them turn off when there is no motion in the Kitchen but the lights turn off instantly whereas it would be great if you delay that off action by x minutes under Configure Motion (as you can do in Smart Lighting). Not sure if anyone requires a delay for the ON actions so perhaps just add a “OFF Action Delay” to to bottom of the Configure Motion page, not sure if that would be the easiest way or not of course.

Also, probably too much to ask but in the future perhaps you could have all the Automation Director created apps list under the Main Automation Director App with an option to add a new one at the bottom of the list, again, similar as to how it displays them in Smart Lighting. It is not that important but it allows you to see exactly what is configured under the one App, useful when you have dozens of Automatons set-up.

Thanks again!

Hi, I have added some new functionality including the ability to have a delay before powering off lights turned on by motion or another source. Please give it a try and let me know how it works for you. It is setup to give you the option to have it turn off the lights the motion sensor turned on after x minutes unless there is still motion at x minutes or if the light was turned off and back on after turned on by the motion sensor (as an override to keep it from turning off)

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Whoa! Wow!

Fab! I will give it a try over the next day.

Thank You muchly!



I found this and have started to use it. The only thing I can’t figure out on this is when I set up the push notifications, I get 3 to my phone vs just 1. Any ideas why I may be getting 3?

What’s triggering the push?

I am using a smartthings button. I press and release it

I may have this configured wrong, but I’ve found multiple places that have SMS notifications. What I want to do is when the button is pressed, it set off an alarm (which works), and sent a text to multiple people. There are multiple locations for the SMS notifications.
Also, in one location it asks how many to send. Not sure what that means.