[BETA] Lutron Caseta Integration using Raspberry Pi (Pro or Standard Bridge) [DEPRECATED--See new Release thread instead]

Regular for me also.

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After update rolled out, I no longer see my devices from Lutron in my list of things. The smartapp still able to pick up my switches, but when I press done, nothing happens. Just curious if I’m the only one.

I rebooted the hub and it seems to fixed itself.

While trying to include my Lutron lights in a core piston I came across an issue with the device handler. If I have a light that is off, and then use the dimmer slider to increase (or decrease) the brightness, the light will physically come on and go to the brightness I set but does not change the status in ST to “on”.

I have tested this with others non Lutron dimmable devices and if I make an adjustment to the brightness while off, they come on both physically and in ST. Hopefully this is something that’s easy to fix.

Hmm interesting. Hadn’t noticed that. I’m out of town until next week but I’ll take a look at it as soon as I can.

So I just tested it in my app remotely just to see and when I change the dimmer (slider) it does change to on in the app. Odd that it’s not on your end. Not certain why that is. Are you on Android or iOS?

I tested it on both android and IOS but the result is the same. Button shows as off in the ST app even though the light is on.

The fact that you can control it via ST but aren’t getting status responses back makes me think your hub IP address changed. Do you know if it was ever working correctly. I would check your hub IP address and make sure it matches what you put in the LutronPi.py file. I’m guessing that’s the problem. If that is correct I would still try stopping and restarting the server just to see if that fixes it.

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You were corrrect sir. I installed python on another pc that was hardwired and fat fingered the smartthings ip address in the Lutronpi.py file. ST reporting now works.
However…it doesn’t remember the last dim level. If I set the dimmer to 30% and turn off the light. It goes back to 100% when I turn it back on. Is there a way to have it remember the last dim level?

Glad that fixed it. As far as the dim levels, I imagine I could make it save the last level. I had set it up so the slider just showed whatever the status was i.e. off=0. So you want if you hit off in ST for it to keep the dimmer at same level so if you turn it back on it will go to that same level? I’ll have to look at the handler and see if I can find a way to get that to work. I’ll post here if I get it working.

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Thanks again. Don’t invest too much time with this as it is in no way critical. I can get everything working the way I need without it. It is just a suggestion that keeps this DH in line with others I have like the the Osram Lightify DH.

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@njschwartz Great work Nate. I own a Wink and have always been envious of the great ST community. The one thing holding me back is my beloved Caseta switches. As everyone in this thread knows, they are very nice and in my experience, work flawlessly.

I’m going to put your script on my home theater system (plex running on a mac mini). I’m scouring ebay for a non Pro bridges, can you let me know if this looks like the right model?

Thanks again for your work!

Hey Tim. That does appear to be the non pro version of the hub. The pro one has pro in the model name. ST does have a great community. I think the script and that hub would work fine for you. I’m happy to assist if needed. Let me know and good luck!

Everything worked like a charm and I am in ST/Caseta heaven!!


Glad to hear it. Let me know if you have any issues!! :slight_smile:

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@stephack, I updated the github with a couple of tiny changes that should now do what you were asking it to do. When you turn the light off in ST the slider and value stay at whatever you had it set at and when you turn it back on it will turn on to the last value you had it at. When you have time try it out and let me know if it works as you expected and let me know. Thanks!


So I am having a bit of an issue. I just did the install within the last 10 minutes. I got ST to see my pi, then to add the devices. After I add my example switch - it says successful. Then when I go back to MY Home, i dont see the switch.

What do you mean when you say example switch? Also, did you install the Lutron Dimmer device handler? Lastly you are hitting done at the end and not back correct? I assume so but just making sure.

I bought the lutron bridge and St hub today just to try this out today :slight_smile: I added just one of my dimmers to the lutron bridge. That is what I meant by example switch. So to preface this, I am brand new to smartthings. I added the lutron dimmer to the IDE. However, I am a bit confused… when i go to the IDE dashboard, i goto my device handlers, i see nothing there. via “https://graph.api.smartthings.com/location/list” … if I click on my locations, then my home… then i can see device handlers. I am not exactly sure if that is just how ST sets up the IDE?

So just to clarify, when you log in to the IDE and click device handlers on top you do not see smartthings : Lutron Virtual Dimmer?? It should be in there, if not that would explain why it isn’t working. Make sure you copy the code in save it and publish for you.