[BETA] Hue Dimmer Switch DTH (No Hue bridge) rewritten

Uh… That’s not good.

RWL022 seems to be the fingerprint name of the brand new Hue Dimmer Switch model, and they might have changed the packet structure in the new one.

I’m going to add some more logging to the dth and figure out what they’ve done, please wait. I can probably fix it to work with this version.

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I realized this on hubitat as well. It gets recognized as smart button control. Even when I change the device Handler to smart dimmer only one button is available (which then works though). I hope I can transfer your work to hubitat when you are done :slight_smile:

Ok, here’s the driver for the hue dimmer (latest model) RWL022 (released 2021). I’ve separated it from the old model to avoid pairing issues as this uses a different endpoint and I was having some issues getting it to pair properly.



This is great!

It seems that except endpoint(0x02–>0x01), packet structure remains unchanged.
How about using model name for endpoint?

def ep = (device.getDataValue(“model”)==“RWL022”) ? 0x01 : 0x02


I will test your version with the actual hardware

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Guys - you are great! Now I only have to find time and see how to get this ported to hubitat. Thanks!

Hubitat handles the button capability slightly differently so you’ll need to change some things.