[BETA] Hue Dimmer Switch DTH (No Hue bridge) rewritten

actually my usage is probably weirder then most peoples… Our garage is on motion sensors - but - i’ve got one of the hue dimmers programmed so that if a button is pressed, it leaves the lights on for 10 minutes - or if the buttin is held down, for an hour. It does this by activating a virtual switch in smartthins (which my core routines checks the status on before turning off the lights due to no motion). and of course the off button reverses this and goes back to normal motion sensors (i.e. 1 minute off…)

(yes, I know this part runs in the cloud. My question above was regarding normal hue dimmers mapped to normal lights in smartthings)

custom dth always runs on cloud

:frowning: bummer on the cloud part. ok tnx.

Has anyone else had similar issues with the dimmer switch not staying connected when using this DTH?

Also seems as if the battery in them are draining very fast or not showing correct %.

Anyone any idea what else I can try? I don’t have any issues with my other Zigbee devices (they stay connected) However sometimes the smartthings buttons might take 2 presses to register but nothing as bad as the hue dimmer switch.

Hope someone can help or give advice on what I could try. Thanks

Just a little info: I have the Hubv3 and 6 smartthings Zigbee repeater plugs (bought them as I assumed the switch was too far away from hub but this is not the case)

actually, battery percentage shown is not calibrated to show exact percentage as shown with hue bridge.
just simple diving is used to calculate the percentage.

Ok thanks.

I have gave up with this now. Connected the hue dimmer switch back to hue bridge and they work fine through there. I am guessing I have a newer model dimmer switch that isn’t compatible with your DTH.

Thank you anyway

It works fine for me, although I wish double pressed was an option

Is this still alive and working?

Yes still alive and working. I did have the issue with the dimmer switch going offline after a while so stopped using it but no one else seemed to have that issue so I say give it a go and see if it works for you :slight_smile:

Hmm, I am trying this again with this dth.

I had tried this years ago with someone else’s DTH and the switch always disconnected after some time and needed to be reset.

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This is exactly what was happening with me on every DTH I used for the hue dimmer switch so I gave up. I couldn’t find anyone else with this issue until now. I can only assume there is some other device causing the dimmer switch to disconnect?

Okay, so even with this new dth, it still disconnects.

The one small difference, with the tip from above if you hold all four buttons down it reconnects without having to re-pair.

But this behavior makes the device not that useful.

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I take it back, it seems to be working.

So I know have a request for a feature.

In the app, it shows whether the button was pushed or held.

But the held action does not seem to be available in smart lighting.

Can the held be available as another set of button actions?

Does this device handler also work with those four-button “Friends of Hue”-switches?

It works well in latest smartthings android app.

and for the re-pairing problem…
see if turning off secure mode in smartthings hub option would help. (It is same thing as “enabling” “Insecure rejoin”)

I don’t have any Friends of Hue button, so I have no idea.

I am testing this now and will report back in a day or 2 if this has stopped my device from disconnecting. If this does work I am letting you know now I will feel like a fool for not seeing my obvious blunder!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I found where the held is listed when making a smart lighting rule! Thanks for the tip. I just missed it.

This is the latest on my testing. After some amount of time, hours, a day? not sure.

Need to click a button a couple of times for what it seems to “wake up” and then the device responds to button clicks. There is a red light that briefly flashes, then subsequent button clicks cause a green led to light.

Does anyone know what the green led and red led means?
Am I on the latest firmware?

My device is a

  • manufacturer: Philips
  • model: RWL020

Firmware is:
Current Version: 0x42006F9D

Tested having secure mode off. Still same issue. Hue dimmer switch (more than one I might add) disconnects after a certain amount of time (random). Sometimes can reconnect by pressing a few times, other times device has to be reset.

Not sure what else I can try. Still sounds similar to the issues you are having @professordave

Sorry but do you have this round the wrong way? If Secure mode is turned off then that means you have disabled insecure rejoin? Whenever I choose [Allow Unsecure Rejoin (Most Compatible)] in the IDE then this turns ON secure mode.