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[BETA] Hue Accessories and rooms using Hue Bridge (TAP, Motion Sensor, Dimmer Switch)



Back with another question, if you dont mind:)

Im trying to add an additional scene on and off. I want to attach these to the on and off buttons of the dimmer switch buttons.
The problem is i cannot make it work at al if i use button 1 for on and button 4 for off. But when i change button 1 into button 10 suddenly it works for the on part. But its my understanding that 1 press on the on button will be both a 1 and a 10,correct? So i dont get why its not working. Any ideas?

And actually half of the times i press the button nothing happens at all even with button 10. Theres some hidden reset timer longer as 30sec? Its frustrating that i can see it works, so its not a code that needs changing in my piston i think. Sometimes i click it and all is perfect. Then 2 mins later i click it again (several times) and nothing happens.

(Martin Verbeek) #162

No problem. On and off is easy. It also has the switch capability. Do not use button but select switch, on is on and off is off.

(Martin Verbeek) #163

Button 10 is part of the cycle. So you will have to cycle through 10 11 12 13 14 to come to 10 again. It will reset to 10 when you use 4 or switch off in the cycle.
If you have they latest device type handler, it is resetting to 10 after 5 minutes.


I have to fiddle a bit more with it but changing to switch seems to be working. I now can use the number 1 button. But still if i try it 5 times in a row with 20sec pauzes in between it doesnt always work.
I press off if i use a button from a cycle, should the off button not reset the cycle? It does on the actual dimmer switch.

(Martin Verbeek) #165

It should here as well. Hue is very fast with resetting in normal cycle as well, 30 secs. Did not like that, that is why i did my own cycling…


Well i dont know what i changed, but everything is working now. Now it listens everytime i click on or off. Thanks again!


The physical switches work flawless now, the app registers every click. That leaves me with 1 problem. When some app or virtual button turns off the lights the physical button keeps “on” status. Is there a good way to fix that?

(Martin Verbeek) #168

Yes…as your lights are a switch (no distinction in ST) as well, you can use them as a trigger to control the dimmer. make a rule that controls the dimmer, use group or a light as a switch to react to off and send off to the dimmer(s).


That’s exactly what im doing. Its just the opposite of my previous rule to turn on a group of lamps when click the on switch. That rule works perfectly.
But somehow it does not work the other way around. The rule i created is: IF group of lights switches to off THEN switch off all connected hue switches. It seems to not listen to the off command.

In the log i can see the lamp off command gets recognised. Then it gives some command to the buttons:

+338ms ║║Executed physical command [Button 1 (Woonkamer voor)].off() (78ms)
+338ms ║║Executed [Button 1 (Woonkamer voor)].off (78ms)
+344ms ║║Skipped execution of physical command [Button 2 (Woonkamer achter)].off([]) because it would make no change to the device. (3ms)
+344ms ║║Executed [Button 2 (Woonkamer achter)].off (4ms)

(Martin Verbeek) #170

i see what is going on, automation sends a command not an event, DTH needs to react to the command. New code for device type Hue Switch is on github, if you load it, it works.


That worked! Problem solved.


Still trying to figure out now how to correctly use the buttons on the dimmer switches. The switch part works great, when i use the on/off functions in some rules i can spam on and off buttons and they react on it every single time.
But if i keep the same rule, but change the device from switch to button and change on/off into button 1 and button 4 it works just once. I have the feeling it doesnt reset like the on/off function does. When i use the buttons it just does not work anymore after i clicked it once. Any suggestions maybe?

(Martin Verbeek) #173

Will check it out tomorrow

met vriendelijke groeten,


(Martin Verbeek) #174

Hi John, just committed device Hue Switch V1.02 to github. Looks like it was missing button 1 event. Should solve your problem.


Hoi Martin, The 1-4 buttons now work great for me. They work just the same now as the on/off switch. Buttons 10-14 still dont work good for me. Ive updated to the new version and tested it properly.

(Martin Verbeek) #176

What is not working good with 10-14?


Im turning on some appliance using the dimmer switch. Right now i use button 1 to turn it on and button 4 to turn it off. This works perfect. Using on/off switch instead of buttons also works perfect. But when i wanna use button 12 for example to turn on the appliance it does not work anymore. Sometimes after many clicks it finally turns on, but after that i cannot do it a second time.

(Martin Verbeek) #178

I have an idea that could work. Will be back if it is an improvement.

(Martin Verbeek) #179

committed version 1.14 which does more efficient polling, also the distribution of polls against the bridge has been changed. When you load the new code, please press save in the app to restart scheduling. or click update in the IDE under my locations/smartapps/Hue Sensor (connect)

(Martin Verbeek) #180

Release of 1.15, it adds the option of autodefining the Hue groups that have Room type. It will be added as a devicetype that i reuse for this purpose.


It is a generic device that supports most color attributes etc. Look for Hue Rooms in the sensor type selection in app.