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[BETA] Hue Accessories and rooms using Hue Bridge (TAP, Motion Sensor, Dimmer Switch)



Here you go:

{4B1AA2/sensor/9={id=1a65390b-db47-4031-ab2c-dbd58d485fc7, name=Hal sensor, item=9, monitorTap=false, lastUpdated=2017-10-03T19:08:55, mac=4B1AA2, type=ZLLPresence, dni=4B1AA2/sensor/9, temperatureLastupdated=2017-10-03T20:48:01, temperature=22, uniqueId=00:17:88:01:02:03:27:9c}, 4B1AA2/sensor/5={id=0fde5869-431e-480c-80e6-8c8e3f9382da, name=Hal sensor, item=5, monitorTap=false, lastUpdated=2017-10-03T19:08:37, mac=4B1AA2, type=ZLLPresence, dni=4B1AA2/sensor/5, temperatureLastupdated=2017-10-03T20:41:29, temperature=17, uniqueId=00:17:88:01:02:03:12:a9}, 4B1AA2/sensor/2={id=74dd0167-5792-4fe5-aef9-51fb8ea8b132, name=Woonkamer (achter), item=2, sceneCycle=0, monitorTap=false, sceneCycleLastupdated=2017-10-03T15:36:32, lastUpdated=2017-10-03T15:36:22, mac=4B1AA2, type=ZLLSwitch, sceneItem=3, dni=4B1AA2/sensor/2, uniqueId=00:17:88:01:10:49:8a:32}, 4B1AA2/sensor/17={id=f03134c3-7ae3-4901-a722-e9daf986832b, name=Slaapkamer (J), item=17, sceneCycle=0, monitorTap=false, sceneCycleLastupdated=2017-10-03T18:40:08, lastUpdated=2017-10-03T18:39:58, mac=4B1AA2, type=ZLLSwitch, sceneItem=18, dni=4B1AA2/sensor/17, uniqueId=00:17:88:01:10:49:8a:2e}, 4B1AA2/sensor/16={id=a27c3bec-f356-4da8-a112-cc08c007e924, name=Slaapkamer (deur), item=16, monitorTap=false, sceneCycle=0, lastUpdated=2017-10-03T19:08:27, sceneCycleLastupdated=2017-10-03T19:08:37, mac=4B1AA2, type=ZLLSwitch, dni=4B1AA2/sensor/16, sceneItem=19, uniqueId=00:17:88:01:10:49:8a:31}, 4B1AA2/sensor/45={id=56604332-9173-4547-9e13-13eac24dcbfd, name=Slaapkamer (L), item=45, sceneCycle=0, monitorTap=false, sceneCycleLastupdated=2017-09-30T21:45:31, lastUpdated=2017-09-30T21:45:21, mac=4B1AA2, type=ZLLSwitch, sceneItem=46, dni=4B1AA2/sensor/45, uniqueId=00:17:88:01:02:0d:67:2a}, 4B1AA2/sensor/14={id=e13b934c-7bc3-4f46-be78-6c5af488b668, name=Woonkamer (voor), item=14, monitorTap=false, sceneCycle=0, lastUpdated=2017-10-03T19:47:53, sceneCycleLastupdated=2017-10-03T19:48:03, mac=4B1AA2, type=ZLLSwitch, dni=4B1AA2/sensor/14, sceneItem=15, uniqueId=00:17:88:01:02:0e:4d:c6}}

(Martin Verbeek) #142

something is wrong with 42. It is not in the state devices, could you go into my devices and check and delete all 42´s?


Very strange. 42 is the one in the toilet. But i see now i have 4 motion sensors again. Again i have two 9’s in devices.

(Martin Verbeek) #144

Thanks for your help so far. I need to dig into this.

(Martin Verbeek) #145

If you look in the ide under installed apps, are there by any chance more than 1 hue sensor apps installed. Had that in the past with another app and was causing all kind of trouble.


Nope. Theres just 1.

(Martin Verbeek) #147

Just pushed 1.11 to github. Apart from additional cheking when a device is added, I have also changed the way motion is being handled, it used to be check on the actual status of the sensor being active-inactive and send the same event to the ST device, now when the sensor is updated i will send a active and an inactive, so will always catch a motion event no matter what.

Late yesterday i completly uninstalled / reinstalled the app and try to get things wrong, but i cannot get the problem of no events happening or double devices reproduced.

If you can remove the automation rules on the sensors and remove the app in the ST app, it should exit clean, if not deselect the bridges and hit remove. If still error then most likely one of your sensors still has related rules or something similar.


Tonight i will do what you suggest and let you know the results.

FYI the 1 sensor that does give reading does work as it should. Yesterday late i added some rules to it so it would turn on the PC when motion is detected after my alarm goes off in the morning. So when i stepped into the living room this morning the computer was indeed on.


That last update pretty much fixed all problems i think!
I deleted related automations, deleted the sensors and tried to delete the app. The app however kept giving errors and failed to be deleted. So i pasted the new source code just straight into the app and ran the app again.
Now it had 2 sensors working instead of 1. I deleted the not working sensor several times untill it just started working. So now all 3 of them get motion detected. Illuminance seems to work aswell.
Battery and temperature do not work. all 3 detectors are in the same room, but 1 of them detects 21 degrees and the other 2 say 17. Also if they work at all, they do not update readings, i warmed one of them up a bit and it doesnt show in the log.

EDIT: They do show a change in temperature now after deleting and reinstalling again. But still one says 21 which is too high.

(Martin Verbeek) #150

stupidly enough i think when sensor is defined initially it needs a motion event to start moving…i noticed that they could sit for minutes without doing something and when i moved around it, they start showing events…battery should work, i see events flowing to the devices. but as most og my sensors are 100%, nothing to compare :slight_smile:


All my switches and motion detectors say 100% battery. Ive been using them for more as 6 months.

Also i noticed something with the hue dimmer switches. When i press the on button of the actual switch it turns on a scene. If i turn all lights off from the app instead of the actual switch the state of the switch stays active. Perhaps its looking for the exact scene to be turned off or the number of the button instead of a general off command?

(Martin Verbeek) #152

you are right with the dimmer switch, it does multiple events when you press ON. It will create a switch ON event, a button 1 event and a button 10-14 event. When you press OFF will create a button 4 and a switch OFF event. It gives you the opportunity to react to a switch and/or react to a buttondevice, they are different devices in ST.

I looked in the trace you gave me and all motion sensors report 100% battery, should be fine!


In my bedroom i have 3 switches which all control the same group of lights. If i click in the app on the off button and add some rule to send “off” and “button4” commands to all 3 switches it should fix it no matter which of the 3 switches turned the lights on?

You mean to say all motion detectors have 100% full battery after 6 months? that seems unlikely. Or does it mean something else?

(Martin Verbeek) #154

yes, an off command to the other switches would also reset the cycle for all the dimmer switches back to button 10, and execute the off command as well.

the 100% is what the hue bridge reports, if not correct it is a hue bug …

“5”:{“state”:{“presence”:false,“lastupdated”:“2017-10-03T07:00:30”},“swupdate”:{“state”:“noupdates”,“lastinstall”:null},“config”:{“on”:true,“battery”:100,“reachable”:true,“alert”:“none”,“ledindication”:false,“usertest”:false,“sensitivity”:2,“sensitivitymax”:2,“pending”:[]},“name”:“Hal sensor”,“type”:“ZLLPresence”,“modelid”:“SML001”,“manufacturername”:“Philips”,“swversion”:“”,“uniqueid”:“00:17:88:01:02:03:12:a9-02-0406”}


Ok well who knows. Maybe its correct. Just seems not likely that after 6months of daily usage its still at 100%. But im expecting it to drop to 99%, perhaps it goes down per 10% or more.

Anyway really many thanks for the great assistance with your app. Everything functions 100% now with Hue B smart, even a beginner like me can make it work. Now to include them into some awesome automations:)

(Martin Verbeek) #156

Thanks 010 for helping me out with that…any questions or things missing, please tell.


Could you explain what you are saying there? Im using a hue switch in a webcore piston, i dont have a native ST motion detector. i want the switch to activate the piston on the 3rd click (button 12). Is this problematic? The piston i created sometimes works on 3rd click, but most of the times it doesnt. Im trying to rule out the button being the cause of it.

(Martin Verbeek) #158

Released Version 1.13
Move motion sensor inactive event to runIn 30 seconds handler, to have a more natural motion time
Clean up of scenecycle, moved it to DTH, now independent of Hue scenecycle

(Martin Verbeek) #159

it should not be a problem, every time you click on it cycles through buttons 10-14 (3rd being 12). Forget about Hue and needing a motion sensor, i ruled this out in a early stage and wrote my own scenecycle, but forgot about it :-(. So the above remarks are invalid in the current code you use.
You can check the cycling in the events for the device in the IDE. As you have elevated polling it should work pretty well.


Good. Than i probably made some coding mistake and will keep using button 12 as a trigger. Thanks again!