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[BETA] Hue Accessories and rooms using Hue Bridge (TAP, Motion Sensor, Dimmer Switch)


(Ian) #243

Hi dudz40,
Thank you for the smartApp and the DTHs.
Currently, the Hue motion sensor’s poll is depending on another non-hue motion sensor. Is that possible depending on a temperature sensor? When a specific temperature sensor’s temperature is changed then poll. I want to use the hue motion sensor’s temperature only.

For its motion, I use it base on the light it triggers on. So the Hue light is triggered by the hue motion sensor, it means the motion sensor is active.

For this reason, the only thing I need from the Hue motion sensor is the temperature. I want the updated temperature information only when a near by temperature sensor’s temperature is changed so I can calculate the average temperature.

Thank you very much!

(Martin Verbeek) #244

Hi Ian,

Actually the motion sensor will be polled regularly and the temp should update when it changes, even without an associated ST motion sensor. Association is only used for having more poll events when using a TAP / Switch to accomplish a more smooth reaction. I tested it and it seems to do what it should do.

However when you select a mode for NO polling, it will not poll the devices.

(Ian) #245

Hi dudz40,
Thanks for the reply. Does that mean if I don’t use TAP or Switch then I do not need to setup the associated motion sensor?

Thank you ver much.

(Martin Verbeek) #246

They are only there for speeding up normal polling, so yes not mandatory

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(Ian) #247

Got it thank you! Thanks for the smartApp. Finally I can use my hue accessories in webcore!!

(Monte Montemayor) #248

Sorry, I have searched Github for this and can’t seem to find the app. I think I have the Device Handler installed. Can someone help me find the app? BTW, I hope I am on the right path for what I am trying to do here. I simply want my ST App to see the Hue Switch (attached to dining room Philips Hue lights on ST Hub + Hue Bridge). My understanding is that I need the Device Handler + Huge Connect App for my ST app to see the Switch.

(Monte Montemayor) #249

I “think” I found it.

(Monte Montemayor) #250

OK - now I really am stuck. Getting “No Sensors Found Yet…” after quite a while. Do I never get to the point where I can tap Done.

(Martin Verbeek) #251

Could you just click return to get out, and re enter the app?
Are you using no other custom app for hue control that discover the hue bridges?

PS. just remembered that the username for the API is filled in, but due to weird DTH behaviour, it will not recognize this until you for instance retype the last char of the field, could you try doing that?

(Monte Montemayor) #252

No other custom app for Hue. Just the Hue app itself. I tried entering my last character of my login. Still I get the same " No Sensors Found Yet…" message. I tried rebooting my phone just to be safe. Tried the Classic ST App, the new ST App. One thing is curious though - I don’t have an “Active toggle switch” on the app. Is that normal?

(Martin Verbeek) #253

Toggle is not an issue.

Could you try one last thing… When you change the last character, could you also change focus to another field in the app?

met vriendelijke groeten,


(Monte Montemayor) #254

Shoot, tried that. Not working. I must be doing something wrong.

(Martin Verbeek) #255

I might change the way a bit on how the app processes the username. Will be back.

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(Martin Verbeek) #258

You have selected it as one of the device types to add in the app? Also it sometimes helps to go out of the app and redo. No need to do anything on the device itself. It will look into the hue bridge for sensors.


Thanks, got it to work. There is a huge delay and not every button press registers. I’m planning on looking into fixing this and will report if i reduce the delay.

(Martin Verbeek) #260

In the normal setup it polls the sensors not frequently. You can specify modes that will increase the polling and you can assign a motion sensor that is near the tap to enables hyper poll. Read a little in this thread it might help you out.


I’m trying to set this up to work with my Hue dimmer, and as I understand it, first you need to set up the Hue (Connect) app and then you can setup the devices (assuming all device handlers, etc. are installed). Is that right?

Right now when I’m trying to add my Hue Bridge to the Hue (Connect) app, it loads endlessly but never finds my bridge. I’ve been waiting 15 minutes at this point and while I keep seeing the loading icon in the app every few seconds, it disappears and has not found the bridge so far. I’m connected to the same wifi network and my lights work fine, and I’ve tried pressing the button on the bridge to see if that made a difference.

(Martin Verbeek) #262

You need to have the device handlers installed before you start the app , as the devices are created by the app.

Hue motion, hue tap, hue Switch, and a bit tricky as it is in another repo domoticzOnOff.

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ok, perfect - I installed the handlers beforehand and now I’m trying to get my bridge to show up in the app. Does this work with the v2 bridges?

(Martin Verbeek) #264

It does not care about the version of the hardware,. V2 works. I have three of them running in the app. Are you seeing any errors in the log?