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[BETA] Hue Accessories and rooms using Hue Bridge (TAP, Motion Sensor, Dimmer Switch)


(Sander Wolschrijn) #202

Hi Martin,

See these screenshots

(Martin Verbeek) #203

Okay, i will try and recreate this in my own environment. Will be back. For fun: could you select all sensor types??

(Sander Wolschrijn) #204

Thanks for your reply.

I have selected all sensor types nothing changes.

(Martin Verbeek) #205

could you PM me the following? in the IDE goto my location/smartapps/click on Hue Sensor Connect and copy the Application State?

many thanks!

(Martin Verbeek) #206

i have pushed 1.17 to Git, could you try this for me? Do the copy of application state asked in the previous post before the update!!! This way i can check if i was right…

(Sander Wolschrijn) #207

I did the update, after I send you a copy of the application state, but there are no changes.

(Stephen) #208

Quick question, I’ve been playing around with this as everything works fantastic. One minor nuance I’m working with for integration with some other things I have going on. Is there any way to have the motion sensors display the temp in F rather than C? When doing things like average room Temps it drastically pulls down the temperature of some of the other sensors in place and skews the overall number reported to the thermostat. Exclusion is fine, and I can do the Calc in the back of my head, but to have it displayed in a way that allows me to use the motion sensors with other integrations would be awesome. Thanks!

(Martin Verbeek) #209

Will check it out for you.

(Martin Verbeek) #210

If you update the App from Github it should work.

(Stephen) #211

Thanks for looking into this so quickly! I greatly appreciate the help. I see the updated code in there, and I swapped mine out. For whatever reason, it just doesn’t seem to pull from the Location Setting “F” within the App. I assume that is where: location.temperatureScale is pulling that from. I also looked to see if there was another setting I could update in the IDE, but to no avail. Last, I tried modifying the Device Handler to output:

standardTile(“temperature”, “device.temperature”, decoration: “flat”, inactiveLabel: false, width: 2, height: 2) {
state “temperature”, label:’${currentValue} F’, unit:“F”

Thought that might also force it to look for Fahrenheit as a shot in the dark. I haven’t yet removed all the devices and added them back in which may do the trick as well. (With 20 some sensors, all used within WebCore it is going to be a pain to have to go back through and re-do everything.) Trying to avoid that if at all possible. Maybe I just need to give it some time perhaps also.

Any other suggestions? If i’m the only oddball that doesn’t use Celsius it’s no sweat. I see it displays the F temp in the Hue App under Hue Labs, so the hub knows the number I suppose. Just need to figure out how to pull it across. As I mentioned it’s also easy to spot check the sensors in my head via the double and add 32 rule of thumb.

Any other suggestions you can think of aside from delete / re-add?

Thanks again! I owe you.

(Martin Verbeek) #212

Only the app needs updating. No need to do anything with the dth.
Was a quick fix that seemed to work in my own environment.

Could you go in the ide to my devices and check the events for the motion device and paste them?

(Martin Verbeek) #213

Hi Stephen, update from repo for the Hue Sensor smartapp and for the Hue Motion DTH. It will show no more C or F in the Tile, but will show the correct events in the recent tab of the device, also the correct temp should be displayed. No need to remove apps or devices just update the code!

Hit refresh on the device to poll for changes…be aware that when the temp does not change the value will not update in the app, it will check the lastupdated timestamp from the hue bridge…it might be the problem that you see, as it can take a pretty long time before temp is changing in house (at least in my house :slight_smile: )

(Stephen) #215

Good Morning Martin! That worked like a charm. Can’t thank you enough for putting those changes together. Everything is working flawlessly now.

(Phantom Spice) #216

I found your these and would like to contribute some additional features a bit if I could. Sorry I’m very new to this, so might have some difficulty comprehending things, including GitHub and forking and such.

The two things I am trying to figure out are

  1. How to read TemperatureScale ( to get F or C. Cool that you coded in C, but I prefer F. Then I’ve found in Hue Motion if I change line 56 from

state “temperature”, label:’${currentValue} C’, unit:‘C’
state “temperature”, label:’${currentValue} F’, unit:‘F’,

for example it does mark the value as F. I am trying to see if I can set it to the global setting TemperatureScale. Then I see in Hue Sensor SmartApp line 622 change

def temp = (sensor.state.temperature / 100).toInteger()
def temp = ((sensor.state.temperature * 0.018) + 32).toInteger()

But I need to figure out how to read the hub TemperatureScale and make a decision to use which temperature scale is chosen in the hub.

Next if there a way to set the Hue Motion Sensor to config disable, or at least to make the disable available to be programmed in routines? I am trying to get a routine setup where when I change the locationmode to Party, it will disable select motion sensors, so that when people are around, Hue Motion sensors are not changing my lighting scheme. Then when it locationmode changes away from Party, it will turn the Hue motion sensors back

I know from the Hue API, the value is
“config”: “on”: true/false,
Same place where I believe you are reading battery in the Device Handler.

I am going through the Smartapp, (around lines 700) to try and figure out how to send a Config False, but getting stuck. Any suggestions?

(Martin Verbeek) #217

There has been an update already to the device to get F into account. if you update to the latest App and Hue Motion DTH it will automatically set F/C based on tempscale in the Hub. It is not thate easy due to limitations in ST to have currenvalue include F or C on the tile, will do some checking for this, the right temp is shown in the events and on the tile.

Let me check on the possibilities for config yes/no in the api. will be back.

PS just committed App to Git to include Tempscale in value on the tile. I will find another way to just include it in the label, but this will suffice in the meantime.

(Phantom Spice) #218

I hadn’t see the latest update cause I was pointing to my own repository. Dumb.

Anyway, I tried to add the Capability Switch to the device handler, because Config on true/false is also the same for other switches, but that didn’t seem to work correctly. My abilities at coding are limited, trying to learn and just reading your code is helping a lot!


(Raffaele) #219

I am finding this errors in the logs of every Hue room device configured by “Hue Sensor (Connect)”

error groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: script_app_Hue_Sensor_f8114f1a_889e_4cd3_b7a1_d5313c6ff565_ver_0_6.domoticz_poll() is applicable for argument types: (java.lang.String) values: [709AC0/group/10] @line 118 (poll)
warn Can't figure out idx for device: Corridoio returning 709AC0/group/10
debug poll() 709AC0/group/10

(Martin Verbeek) #220

Will check it out this evening

met vriendelijke groeten,


(Martin Verbeek) #221

please update domoticzOnOff from repo (make sure you point to domoticz server repo!)

(Martin Verbeek) #222

If you update App fro repo, you will now find an option to specify a special mode that will config the motion sensors OFF during the special mode and ON when going to another mode. Please test if this is working for you,

For this to work you need to create an additional Mode and a routine to set it…