[BETA] GE/Jasco Z-Wave Plus Dimmer Switch With Double-Tap

Also correct, however in this case, see Tim’s Post above yours. Op is using the Switch, not the dimmer. The switch has an update PR pending that will enable the function that the Dimmer already has.

Thanks for the replies…
I’m using the latest code 0.18.

I’ll monitor this thread for any updates with this PR.

You need to monitor the other thread Tim linked - that’s where the updates will be announced for your device.

Yes as @nathancu pointed out the switch you have is discussed on another topic [RELEASE CANDIDATE] Jasco/GE Z-Wave Plus On/Off Switch (14291) With Double-Tap and Associations . I don’t want to keep posting the code from that switch into this topic as there are so many DTH’s for theses various Jasco switches that it may confuse people and they’ll use the wrong one.

You do not need to wait for the pull request to be accepted to start using my updated code. You can copy and paste the code directly from Github at the link in my prior post into the IDE. There are other posts in different topics that discuss how to do that if you don’t want to wait for the author to accept the pull request.

Chris has been kind enough to maintain these handlers but as he noted above he no longer users Smartthings, so we don’t know when/if he will accept that pull request.


@mwav3: the following model/version can be added to this DTH:

zw:L type:1101 mfr:0063 prod:4944 model:3235 ver:5.54 zwv:6.04 lib:03 cc:5E,26,85,59,86,72,55,5A,73,5B,9F,6C,70,22,7A role:05 ff:8604 ui:8600

That newer switch has a lot more configuration parameters then the old one. The older switches that work with this DTH, like the prod:4944 model:3038 have these configuation parameters:

The new switch you posted has many more configuration parameters and are listed here:

Before fingerprinting it to the same handler, can you confirm everything works? Do you get double tap with support for two buttons with that switch?

Ideally, a seperate handler should be written for this new switch capable of updating all the advanced parameters.


I bought GE z-wave plus with S2 dimmers and switches, models 46203 and 46201. I cant seem to find any DTH online that would allow the use of double and triple taps on the switches. Am I out of luck? Thinking about switching to homeseer.

I would return them if you can. Jasco does not supply custom DTH’s or really any support for their products. Companies like Homeseer and Inovelli do. To navigate this Smartthings transition, and what’s to come down the road, you need a company that can provide updated drivers.

Homeseer and Inovelli published updated DTH’s shortly after the problem was identified with the new app change. Crickets from Jasco, but Jasco has never provided custom DTH’s. I have the older switches this Nuttytree DTH works with. I was able to update it, and am still working on updating it. I got the LED indicator and invert switch options to work in the new app as well, but am still trying to get the other parameters working before posting updated code.

That being said, I don’t have the 46203 or 46201. I thought I had one but it’s not, as there are so many versions of these Jasco switches. So unfortunately I will not be providing any updated code for those switches. They just work in a completely different way then what the Nuttytree DTH supports. Even after I update the Nuttytree DTH, it still will not work for those switches, and without having those switches there is no way I can test code for them.

For the 46201, you can link to the other topic on the related on/off switch here [RELEASE CANDIDATE] Jasco/GE Z-Wave Plus On/Off Switch (14291) With Double-Tap and Associations. Code was posted by a user for that switch that some have had results with. The code is still on Github, instructions to get it on at the other end of that link. However, that code probably will need updates to be compatible with the new app, and I’m not sure if the person who wrote it is still active or not.

And not to add another fly in the ointment against Jasco, but Smarthings is only allowing members of the organizations that make the devices themselves to access the developer workspace. This does not bode well for the future of any user supplied custom code.

All the more important to purchase devices supported directly by the manufacturer.

Ok well im having trouble with flickering with the GE switches anyways. If I dim one switch to a specific level, then another switch starts flickering when its at a specific level. So everytime it ramps on or off and the other light is on, then it flickers! They are all dimable LEDS though and I didnt have any issues with leviton switches.

What would you recommend between homeseer and inovelli? Not a huge fan of the looks of either, but choose functionality over looks. I cant stand flickering issues, and didnt seem to have any of that with levitons switches.

I shouldn’t totally knock the Jasco switches. Its the pairing of them with Smartthings that’s not great. If you just want on/off and dimming, they’re probably fine. But a product shouldn’t advertise itself as “works with Smarthings”, when it only “sorta works with Smartthings”

Also, if you had a Hubitat, my understanding is the default driver for the Jasco switches supports double tap out of the box. But recommending you buy a new $130 hub on a Smartthings forum is probably less than helpfuel :slight_smile:

I really like my Inovelli switches, and customizations are endless. But, I could see someone opting for the cleaner look of the Jasco switches without that extra config button and LED strip. But the LED strip on the Inovelli looks alot better than all those separate Homeseer LED’s. You can dim it, shut it off, change colors, have it notify you of things by blinking and pulsing (red series switch) so very nice. No personal experience with Homeseer, so I can’t really say.

I have some Aeotec Micro’s in the wall, and if you really want to hide your smarthome and have room in the switch box, you can put them in a wall and a standard decora or toggle in the front. They have replaced the Micro with the Nano, and it doesn’t support any advanced double tap features or anything like that I’m aware of.

I have one Caseta switch since it worked natively with Wink, but with Smartthings, you have to buy a seperate controller. It also has way too many buttons in my opinion. My one switch is hidden behind a fridge and the only reason I have it was so I could relocate it’s control and use the Pico remote somewhere else.

When I bought all this several years back, I was told “don’t get wifi switches”, but would be open to looking into them again. No hub necessary with those, but don’t know much about the different brands there.

Friends dont let friends buy Wi-Fi switches.

At least not until there’s an industry standard for controlling them…

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So I’ve been told for years, lol. Probably shouldn’t have even brought it up. Can you believe there’s an Alexa wall switch now?

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Mmmhmmm. Yep. But Im holding out for the Alexa toilet… :sunglasses:


I was able to update the DTH to set indicator status, invert switch, and advanced dimming parameters (ie zwave steps/manual and manual steps/delay) in the new app. The setting is now under preferences instead of the tiles, since the tiles aren’t in the new app. The update also supports double tap up and down button 1 and 2 in the new smartlighting app/webcore. Multiple buttons are not available in Automations. Per smartthings engineers, that will take an update to the mobile app itself at a future date. Once that update comes out I’ll try and update the code again.

Since Chris has moved on from Smarthings, I posted the code to my Github. It is published at mwav3 / smartthingscode / master or at this link https://github.com/mwav3/smartthingscode/blob/master/devicetypes/mwav3/ge-jasco-zwave-plus-dimmer-switch.src/ge-jasco-zwave-plus-dimmer-switch.groovy

Please note this code does not work with the newer switches that support double and triple tap. It is for the older Zwave Plus switches. It may support setting some features on the new switches but is not designed/tested for them. Those switches have vastly different configuration parameters so it might mess them up. If you try it on them, be prepared to factory reset your switches if it fails.

Also note, this will work with the new smartthings app, which buys us some time for now when they phase out the classic up. Once the IDE and Groovy are sunset, I have no idea how everything will work and how the code will need to be updated. Of course I learn how to update these now just in time for everything to change :slight_smile:

Please let me know if there are any issues with the new code, it has been tested on my devices and so far so good.

Also a tip - if you set the Zwave steps to a high number, like 90, when automations turn the lights on and off they will instantly set at that level and annoying ramping is gone. That won’t work on manual though, unless you want to turn your dimmer into just an on/off switch. Adjusting ramp rate on manual would require a firmware update, and Jasco to my knowledge doesn’t release those. Careful if you set the delay for Zwave too high as that could cause timeouts and improper status display when trying to turn the switch on or off. I tried to capture that with updated timings but the app will only wait so long for a switch to turn off before giving up on it. This new DTH got rid of a lot of semaphores I was having in webcore for timing issues.

Related on/off switch updated and available as well. I’ll also post under that topic.


Hi, all. First, many thanks to @nuttytree for the great code.

I want to activate a scene by double tapping the down (off) part of the paddle and can’t seem to get it to work. I have a new GE dimmer Z-wave plus 46203 and am using the new app for this issue. I have loaded the newest code into a new DTH, and have set the device type for my switch to that dth. When I go into smart lighting, I select activate a scene - using a button - and I select the dimmer switch. I am not getting multiple buttons showing up as options, just the one dimmer switch. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks very much.

I know the threads getting a little long, but take a look at my post above.

Unfortunately the existing DTH is not compatible for the new 46203 switch. That switch controls double tap by central scene control versus association groups so works differently. A new DTH will need to be written for these newer switches. I haven’t bought any in the last few years so don’t have any to test updated code on.

Thanks very much for the fast reply, Tim. can I dm you with a separate question?

Sure no problem. Hopefully I can help.

I have created 2 DTH from mwav - GE Jasco Z-Wave Plus On Off Switch and GE/Jasco Z-Wave Plus Dimmer Switch. I also have installed nuttytree’s GE Dimmer Switch.

When I go to update a device that is a GE switch I have no problem assigning the proper DTH, however when I try to change the DTH of a dimmer device none of these DTH show up as options.

What am I missing?