[BETA] GE/Jasco Z-Wave Plus Dimmer Switch With Double-Tap

Setting these back up in my new place and I noticed the icon’s for the indicator status and refresh tiles are missing. The tiles still function but they show up as blanks.

Let me guess, Classic app?

Missing tile icons are a known issue with the latest version of Classic. you’ll need to downgrade to the immediately preceding version if this is an issue for you - and please open a ticket with support explaining it’s still necessary. They broke it with the latest version of Classic. If people don’t ask for it to be fixed, it wont be prioritized…

Yes, classic app. The tiles for double tap, indicator, invert and refresh don’t show up at all in the new app. Just a simple on/off and dimmer level.

Can I get a definition of each of the following please:
z-wave dim step:
z-wave dim delay:
manual dim step:
manual dim delay:
all on/off dim step:
all on/off dim delay:

Loaded the device handler, however, I cant figure out how to specify which devices to turn off if for instance I want them to turn off when i double press the down button. I created a routine that shuts off the needed devices, however, when i click automatically perform when a button is pressed and i select the ge dimmer, i don’t get options like button 1 or button 2, similar to the homeseer dimmer. Any guidance on how I can have the double tap execute a routine would be helpful.


I came across this great device handler when looking if my GE switches could do scenes.

A few tips, This was helpful:

Then I had to change the device in the IDE.

I did not have to forget the device and add it again. To use the new functions in webcore I also had to “add” the buttons in webcore. Through settings-add device- category 1

This is how I’m using the double tap feature. Up is increasing the lights to 100 percent. Down turns off all the lights in the room.

Thanks again!!

Hi Dusty,

I am trying to use this DTH, but this is the first time Ive ever added one and I do not use webcore. Ive completed the first steps above but am stuck on “To use the new functions in webcore I also had to “add” the buttons in webcore. Through settings-add device- category 1” Can you help me out with what I need to do to get the new functions? Thanks!

Did you ever solve this? I am trying to do the same thing, though I am really knew to all this. I have the DTH installed, but I dont understand where to change the settings you mention above? Like you were, I would like the light to come instantly on or off, but be able to be manually dimmed easily. Thanks!

Any chance the newer version of this dimmer can be added to the code?

prod:4944 model:3235 ver:5.54

This is the quick fit, simple wire version.

The DTH doesn’t seem to be able to pull in any of the settings and the double tap feature is not working.

I have attached a screenshot of the setting just being blank. Everyone’s help is greatly appreciated!

Did you select your device in smartthings IDE and change its device handler to this one?

Are you trying to use the double tap in webcore? The double tap up or down are recognized as a separate button and not part of the switch that is why you have to add these to webcore even tough your switch may be added

Has anyone else noticed that the buttons for double tap up and double tap down have stopped working using this DTH? Whenever I go into something like Smart Lighting to edit an automation using the double tap function (or add a new one) there is an error that reads the following from live logging (the app in both the classic and new just state that there is a network error):

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The JSON input text should neither be null nor empty. @line 1958 (supportedButtonValues)

Note that when I originally set these automations up, the buttons were exposed with no problem. I tried adjusting the refresh rate as noted above in this thread, but no help there. I have not performed the migration from the classic to the new app, but perhaps it has something to do with preparing for that change?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Note, the buttons still work with WebCore and this is for both the dimmers and on/off switches:
prod:4952 model:3036 ver:5.20 (on/off)
prod:4944 model:3038 ver:5.26 (dimmer)

Yeah. I’m having the same problem now. In Smart Lighting I simply can’t create or open any automation that tries to use the “buttons” associated with double tap up/down. I get the exact same error on my side. Thankfully all of my existing automations still seem to work so I have no loss in actual functionality, I can’t just change it or set up anything new for the time being. Since it only happens in the UI, I’m thinking this has to do with custom UI elements or something along those lines.

This week I received the notification to migrate to the new Connect app. I’ve been avoiding this move because I’ve been unable to get this DTH to work the same as it does in the classic app. When I open a device in the classic app, I can configure the LED on the switch, indicate if the switch is installed flipped, and can see the double-tap options. None of these appear in the new/Connect app even though the same DTH is being used.

Has anyone been able to get all the classic functionality to work in the new app?

Unfortunately not. I did the migration today because I figure I might as well just bite the bullet. The switch just shows up as a regular 'ol dimmer in the new app without any of the double tap, led, etc features. I can still see those items in the classic app for the time being though which is nice, but obviously that will be going away soon. All my functionality, automations, etc are all still working as I set them up even though I can’t see any of the extra buttons or anything and can’t actually make any changes. So I’d say try to get everything configured the way you want it before you go through the migration then, hopefully, they’ll have worked out the kinks by the time you need to make any changes again.

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That’s what I was afraid of… nothing like a forced migration to an inferior product. I appreciate the confirmation though, saves me a lot of digging around for information that doesn’t exist.

Cheers. :beers:

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You took the words right out of my mouth @michicago “that’s what I was afraid of.” Sounds like good advice to get everything set up as desired then migrate. Has anyone come across a good resource of what is/is not working well as part of the migration? I have been going through the posts tagged with “migration2020” and the migration announcement thread, but definitely nothing that is very comprehensive or a kind of do this before you hit the upgrade button kind of guide.

Same here, it was working a week or two ago. I spent all morning on it thinking I lost the recipe. Super frustrating.

I guess in general, it feels like Jasco has neglected SmartThings DTHs for their devices when compared to other manufacturers like Inovelli and Zooz

Yeah, Jasco definitely doesn’t support their products as well as other manufacturers. They don’t provide firmware updates, no custom DTH’s from the manufacturer, and their tech support is clueless. Inovelli on the other hand supports firmware updates and immediately updated their custom DTH to work with their switches when the smartlighting problem was identified on their end. The problem is this old DTH is not compatible with the new Smartthings App, and someone would have to re-write it for it to work. The stock Smartthings ZWave DTH does not support advanced configuration features for these switches and double tap. The current custom Nuttytree DTH was written by a user that ditched Smartthings and went to Home Assistant. I’m starting to understand why they left at this point.

I’m going to take a look at the code in the current DTH and see if it can be updated to work with the new app a little better. Otherwise, it might be easier to just rip out my GE switches and get Inovelli switches. Any new switch I bought recently is Inovelli and I would highly recommend them. In the meantime, once the classic App goes away in October, It seems using webcore and the IDE with the old DTH are the only ways to get the advanced functions of these switches to work.


I am post-migration. I’m trying to understand how to do the double or triple tap. I have a GE Motion Switch 26931. Normally, I have the motion turning on the switch and going off after 5 mins which works fine. Now when I’m going to be in the room for a long time without moving, I’d like to double or triple tap the switch to make it switch into manual mode until I hit the off button. But that part doesn’t seem to be working. I have the device handler all install and I can change the settings, I just can’t figure out how to make it switch into manual mode. Any ideas what I’m missing? The settings refer to a triple tap and others her refer to a double tap. How do I make it switch into manual mode at the switch?

I figured it out - I was doing the triple press too quickly. I looked in the code and saw that I had 10 seconds to do the triple presses so I slowed it down and it started to work.