[BETA] GE/Jasco Z-Wave Plus Dimmer Switch With Double-Tap

Nope…you can’t. As soon as you setLevel it turns the switch on.

Love this device handler. Use it to control a large number of switches attached to dumb lights. However I also have some rooms with mixed dumb and Hue smart bulbs. I am trying to find a way to utilize the double tap to control the on/off the hue bulbs. I do not want to cut power to the hue bulbs but instead have SMARTTHINGS send the off message to the bulbs or the hue hub. I have searched for Hue/ST smart apps or something like that which would assign a hexadecimal z-wave like code to the hue bulbs in ST so that I can add them to the double tap association groups but have been unsuccessful.

i will post this in some hue threads but I thought I would start here since I would be surprised if I am only one using this DTH with this configuration or desire. Anyone know how to accomplish this? @nuttytree

You know what. Never mind. I just figured out a way using a virtual switch and webcore. Sorry for the interruption.

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OK, That solution has a challenge too.

I would love to be able to create a virtual switch and assign it a two character hexadecimal device network ID manually? Can ST handle that? IF I manually assign a DNId as a two digit hex will smartthings recognize that gracefully and not try to automatically assign that already used ID the next time I add a zwave device? Or will that risk device ID conflicts in the hub in the future?


EDIT: OK I did get a conformation that the manual assignment of hex Device Network IDs is problematic and will cause conflicts. Thus my next thought is:

Is there any way this device handler could be enhanced such that if the button #1 or #2 is double tapped the DTH could reflect that state of the button as “double” so that webcore could read the double tap event and thus be able to execute in a piston? I am trying to assign some Hue bulbs to the double tap so that I can turn them on and off too. Since they don’t use 2 digit hex Device IDs I can’t right now in your native DTH, but with an expression that reads the button device state as “double” I could. Right now the only option your DTH returns for button is “pushed”. If the double tap state could be added then i could do a webcore read of the button state as the event trigger to turn on and off Hue lights or anything.

I would love to hear your thoughts. I am going to look at your DTH code and maybe I can figure it out. i will share what I see, but you probably know how to do this quickly.

LAST EDIT (I PROMISE!): OK no need for enhancement. I figured out the DTH. All I needed to do was read button pressed as that is double tap. I can let the switch handle the single tap without webcore. I was overthinking this. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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Posted this on a separate thread, but was given the good suggestion of actually asking here. Looks like the thread has been inactive for a while, but hopefully someone will see this:

Trying to use the “Button Number” within the SmartThings app to trigger a routine, but noticing that some of my switches have “Button Number” as an option to select a double tap up (Button One) or down (Button Two), while some do not have this option. I bought the same model number (14294) at the same time, have confirmed model/version numbers within IDE device settings, and would doubt that some would simply not have the feature while others might.

Any thoughts?

Sharing my response from your other thread (which I saw before your post here) so others can find it here:

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Thanks @MarkTr

Also, I’m noticing that in the device settings in IDE it’s listing “numberOfButtons” as a “Current State” - but this isn’t listed as a current state for the switches that do NOT have the 2 button option. Not sure what this means?

For what it’s worth, I’m having this same problem. I just added several switches using this DTH, but it seems that none of them have the additional button option. There’s a double-tap action exposed in the SmartThings classic UI (My Home/Things/{Device Name}), but if I go to add a Smart Lighting automation, these switches don’t have a “Which button?” option when I choose one of them.

From the IDE, the switch that works and the switches that don’t all identify themselves as:

zw:L type:1101 mfr:0063 prod:4944 model:3038 ver:5.29 zwv:4.34 lib:03 cc:5E,56,86,72,5A,85,59,73,26,27,70,2C,2B,7A role:05 ff:8600 ui:8600

…in the Raw Description.

The one that does work has a name of “GE In-Wall Smart Dimmer”, and the ones that don’t are “GE Z-Wave Plus Wall Dimmer”. Not sure if that’s important, though…?

The one that works has these entries under Current States:

switch: off
level: 99 %
indicatorStatus: when off
button: pushed
numberOfButtons: 2
checkInterval: 1920
inverted: false
zwaveSteps: 1
zwaveDelay: 1
manualSteps: 1
manualDelay: 1
allSteps: 1
allDelay: 1

…and one that doesn’t has:

switch: off
level: 99 %
indicatorStatus: when off
button: pushed
inverted: false
zwaveSteps: 1
zwaveDelay: 3
manualSteps: 1
manualDelay: 3
allSteps: 1
allDelay: 3

Note the missing numberOfButtons and checkInterval (not sure if that matters either).

Has anyone found a fix for this? If there’s anything else I can add to help troubleshoot this, I’m happy to provide it.

And, naturally, after I posted this, I found the solution, courtesy of this Reddit thread, which points to this post in this very thread. :slightly_smiling_face:

The tl;dr is that you just need change a value in the refresh() method of the DTH from:




…and then save, publish, and refresh the status of that switch in the app. Shoutout to @stormbarrier from a year and a half ago!


Wow this would be fantastic if it works. I just attempted to do this and no luck, but I’m not sure I’ve done everything correctly. How many times does that line that needs correcting appear? I somehow installed two of the same DTH, and found one time for one, and twice for the other, but I may be missing some?

Also, how do you refresh the status of the device?

Alright, got it to work! This is absolutely fantastic - thanks so much for pointing out this solution.

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You’re welcome - glad you got it to work! That delayBetween() call happens in several places in the code, but the only one I needed to change was in the refresh() function just before line 500 or so.

While you’re in there, it looks like there’s another bug (see this part of the thread). If you’re having problems with the status not showing up properly in the app until you hit Refresh, you can change a line of code in the refresh(), on(), and off() functions:

def delay = ((device.currentValue("zwaveSteps") * device.currentValue("zwaveDelay")).longValue() + 1000)

…and per that thread, I changed it to…

def delay = ((device.currentValue("zwaveSteps") * device.currentValue("zwaveDelay")).longValue() * 1000) + 500

Note that the previous line added 1000 rather than multiplying by 1000, and then another 500ms was added for good measure.

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Great thank you! I haven’t noticed that behavior yet, but might as well go ahead and change it to be sure. Really appreciate the tips…

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Hello all, I’m using this DTH to be able to leverage the double tap action (thanks to the author!). An unintended side effect is that I can’t anymore set the brightness level of the dimmers using scenes, just on/off. Anyone experiencing similar problem? Thanks!

Setting these back up in my new place and I noticed the icon’s for the indicator status and refresh tiles are missing. The tiles still function but they show up as blanks.

Let me guess, Classic app?

Missing tile icons are a known issue with the latest version of Classic. you’ll need to downgrade to the immediately preceding version if this is an issue for you - and please open a ticket with support explaining it’s still necessary. They broke it with the latest version of Classic. If people don’t ask for it to be fixed, it wont be prioritized…

Yes, classic app. The tiles for double tap, indicator, invert and refresh don’t show up at all in the new app. Just a simple on/off and dimmer level.

Can I get a definition of each of the following please:
z-wave dim step:
z-wave dim delay:
manual dim step:
manual dim delay:
all on/off dim step:
all on/off dim delay:

Loaded the device handler, however, I cant figure out how to specify which devices to turn off if for instance I want them to turn off when i double press the down button. I created a routine that shuts off the needed devices, however, when i click automatically perform when a button is pressed and i select the ge dimmer, i don’t get options like button 1 or button 2, similar to the homeseer dimmer. Any guidance on how I can have the double tap execute a routine would be helpful.


I came across this great device handler when looking if my GE switches could do scenes.

A few tips, This was helpful:

Then I had to change the device in the IDE.

I did not have to forget the device and add it again. To use the new functions in webcore I also had to “add” the buttons in webcore. Through settings-add device- category 1

This is how I’m using the double tap feature. Up is increasing the lights to 100 percent. Down turns off all the lights in the room.

Thanks again!!