[Beta] ) Edge Driver Zigbee Temp Sensor and Thermostat Mc:

It could be.
For now, i installed only the sensor driver, set the temperature offset to -0.1C an rebooted the hub.
I will monitor it to see how it works.

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Hey Mariano, could you add this sensor? Thanks

Added to

│ Name │ Zigbee Temp Sensor with Thermostat Mc │ │
│ Version │ 2021-11-17T15:16:02.560903

And to:

│ Name │ Zigbee Temp Humidity Sensor Mc │
│ Version │ 2021-11-17T15:18:10.009658

  - id: "eWeLink/66666"
    deviceLabel: Temp Humidity Sensor
    manufacturer: eWeLink
    model: 66666
    deviceProfileName: temp-humid-therm-battery
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Strangely, it did pair but paired as a eWelink motion Sensor using zigbee motion sensor driver. it didnt do that when i tried before
. always jpined as stock dth thing

Yes, there is a motion sensor with the same model and manufacturer.

Don’t worry, you can make a driver change from the device, menu driver, use another driver

  - id: "eWeLink/Motion 66666"
    deviceLabel: eWeLink Motion Sensor
    manufacturer: eWeLink
    model: 66666
    deviceProfileName: motion-battery

I tried that but there wasn’t a driver available even though I do have it installed

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Could you check with a multipurpose sensor, which I think you have, if the temperature offset correction works correctly?

I see strange things when I have a negative correction set (-0.1).

it sends temperature events without temperature change, only when there is a temperature change +/- 0.1 °, in the default configuration it should send an event.

When the temperature offset is 0 ° it works fine.

A user @Catalin_S, even gets to have temperature events equal to the offset temperature.

That has not happened to me.

I can’t find information about where and how the default libraries are calculated.

these are the captures.

I tested sensor temp and humidity driver without the thermostat capability and the temperature offset is working normally.
What I did:
Removed all driver, installed only temp and humidity driver and rebooted the hub.
After that I set the offset temperature to -0.1C

No error in the last 24 hours

Well, if it works with a driver it should work well with the thermostat driver.
The capabilities handlers for temperature, humudity and atm pressure are identical in the two drivers.

Are you using the standard preference of temperature offset?

What reporting change is configured for this capability? I believe the preference offset only adds/subtracts from the value received, but it shouldn’t modify the set “reporting change” which indicates when the report must be sent (Eg. if the temperature changes 0.1º, 1º, etc.)

Which thermostat capability is @Catalin_S referring to? Please share both drivers’ URLs in Github so I can see their configuration.

Yes, uses the preference temperature offset standard.

The default temperature report configuration (30,300,16)

I think too, but it seems some change with the emit events.
I do known where is the librarie code for preference temperature offset.

link to temp and humidity driver:


link to thermostat v2 driver, that use default Temperature capablity handler.
The version 2.2 is identical to temp humidity sensor v2 driver. Both version 2 and 2.2 have same issue for @Catalin_S.


(NEW RELEASE) Version 3.0 of Edge Driver Zigbee Temp Sensor and Thermostat Mc:

Improvements and bug fixes:

  1. Added Thermostat Lock function:
  • This function allows to maintain settings of Thermostat Mode, Temperature, Fan… until we unlock it manually or with an routine or scene and without having to cancel the daily schedule made with routines.
  • It is automatically activated when Off, manual or away modes are selected, so the programmed automations will not change the settings set.
  • If you want to make a temporary temperature change, it is not necessary to lock the thermostat, you just have to make the temperature change and it will be maintained until the next programmed period.
  • This function prevents the use of a virtual device to perform these functions.

  1. Added temperature presets for ECO Mode in preferences

  2. Added in preferences an option to choose the scale of steps for the adjustment of the temperature set points. The stock presentation of +/- 1º is not very precise, especially for ºC. Have to save energy!!

  • You can choose steps of +/- 0.5º (default) or +/- 0.1º

  • For the change of presentation to take effect, you have to close the app and clear the cache of the app on the Android phone.

  • The presentation to enter the temperature by typing the value does not work well, it is already reported to @nayelyz

  • With the +/-0.1º scale, in some values, a value with many decimal places is presented for 2 sec and then shows the correct value, with 1 decimal place. It is a problem of presentation too.

4.Added an information field, below the temperature set point, showing:

  • The device temperature unrounded (2 decimal places), which is used to calculate state changes.
  • The Next Expected State of the Thermostat and the temperature at which it will occur.
  • This can help to understand at what temperatures the state changes will be made with the different configurable options, Differential Temperature or Underfloor Heating.

As the update has new Custom Capabilities and preferences it is necessary to clear the cache of the app on the phone after the update. A hub reboot should not be necessary.

For this reason, the update is not performed automatically, it will be done by changing the driver on the device, driver menu, select another driver. You do not need unistall device and not lost routines , scenes or settings.

The thermostat will not control the Thermostat State until a new first event of the current temperature is received. You can force an event by heating the sensor a little with your hand.

To facilitate the update, I am going to change version 2.2 to the name Zigbee Temp Sensor and Thermostat Mc-(OLD).

I will publish the new version 3.0 with the original name Zigbee Temp Sensor and Thermostat Mc.

In this way, your driver installed will renamed with (OLD), indicating that there is a new version available and you can install the new version with a driver change whenever you want.

│ Driver Id   │ 0998de7a-38b0-4728-8f9e-7b8c18d29ba1  │
│ Name        │ Zigbee Temp Sensor with Thermostat Mc │
│ Package Key │ Zigbee_Thermostat_v3.0                │
│ Version     │ 2021-11-29T11:06:43.751401            │

@Mariano_Colmenarejo I can`t access the drivers list on you channel.

Can you access other channels of other users?

I can not access any channel

I can’t access either. And I haven’t seen any info about this. What might be the reason why this is is happening.

You are right, i can’t access any channel.

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@Catalin_S, @Sakari, @milandjurovic71
The issue with the channel invitation is already solved:

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I niticed that sonoff SNZB-02 has an inconsistent report with Temperature driver. It’s a floor temperature with unchanged environment in the time frame. See the photo


I don’t understand exactly what goes wrong.
According to the photo it is working as the default report configuration says.

minimum interval = 30 sec
maximum interval = 300 sec
Reportable change = 0.1°

According to this it will send an event:

  • when there is a change in temperature equal to or greater than 0.1° always, regardless of the minimum or maximum time intervals.

  • When there is a temperature change < reportable change and a minimum time of 30sec has elapsed since the previous report and up to a maximum of 300 sec.

  • As with the default configuration, the reportable change is the maximum precision 0.1°, events can occur with the same minute.

  • As the temperature shown in the app is rounded to 1 decimal place, it may be that the device reports 23.06° and the app shows 23.1° and 5 minutes later it reports 23.04° and the app shows 23.0°

In the thermostat driver, the changes to send events to the app, I have filtered them to changes sent by the device > 0.06°C, to avoid unwanted changes of state.
The temperature sensor driver is not filtered
This sensor is the same of your sonoff SNZB-02

In the driver preferences you have some settings to modify the reporting intervals and reportable temperature.

I have some devices configurated to report every 1 Hour or temperature change >= 1°

And the sensor used for thermostat with default settings (30, 300, 0.1)

You can select settings as you need.

I don’t know if this answers your question

Any questions, tell me