[BETA COMPLETE] Universal Ecobee Suite for SmartThings & Hubitat (Free)

BETA Update: New ‘Working From Home’ Helper

Ecobee Suite now includes a new Helper: Working From Home.

You can configure this Helper to check presence sensors at a specific time of day, and if anyone is present to set the Thermostat(s) to Home mode. Can also change the Location Mode if anyone is home.

Important: To install, you will need to get both the new Ecobee Suite Manager (v1.7.00f) and the new Ecobee Suite Working From Home (v1.7.00d) applications (links updated in the first post above).

MAJOR UPDATE to Ecobee Suite Manager, v1.7.00i

I have just posted a major update to the BETA Universal Ecobee Suite for SmartThings & Hubitat

See the first article above, or the README.md in my universal-dev Github repository for details.

I am hopeful that this release will become the Release Candidate, based on positive feedback from early-access users.

Functionality Complete Update to Ecobee Suite Manager, v1.7.00k

I have just posted a v1.7.00k update to both Ecobee Suite Manager and Ecobee Suite Thermostat.

This update introduces the New setEcobeeSetting( name, value ) command.

This allows programmatically changing most (but not all) documented Ecobee Settings using programming tools such as native Groovy, WebCoRE and Rules Engine.

Arguments generally are Strings, but temperature values can also be a Number or a BigDecimal in either F or C based on your locale. Read Only settings cannot be changed, and some settings can only be changed using the supplied commands (e.g., use setHumiditySetpoint(setpoint) instead of setEcobeeSetting(humidity) - required for internal consistency).

Use device.currentValue('settingName') to get the current value of any setting.

Ecobee Server Outage

I was just notified that the Ecobee servers will be undergoing a maintenance update from 4:30-6:00pm EDT today, Friday May 10, 2019.

You will not be able to install or configure new installations of Ecobee Suite while the servers are offline.

  • Fix argument types for setProgramSetpoints()
  • Auto-convert setEcobeeSetting() calls to equivalent setXxxx() as necessary

Ecobee Suite Manager 1.7.00n

  • Fix argument types for setProgramSetpoints()

Ecobee Suite Thermal Comfort 1.7.00n

  • Reduce iterations of calculatePmv to minimize calc times (20 second limit on SmartThings)
  • When calculating PMV targets, now uses 0.5°C steps for metric locales (1.0°F steps for Imperial)
  • Fixed and/or logic for Programs/Modes
  • Adjust calculated setpoints if they are too close together (heatCoolMinDelta)
  • Only log notification messages once
  • Clean up message texts

These updates are recommended for all users

I just found that one of my two ecobee thermostats is showing as offline. The ecobee app shows as it being online and the recent change tab shows accurate temp.

Try doing the “double tap” recovery - tap the bee, when it reappears, tap the bee again. It should recover.


I updated to the latest and it started working sometime after that. Not sure if that’s what did it or not.

BETA Updates released for All Ecobee Suite Helper Apps

Ecobee Suite Manager version 1.7.00p

  • Fixed sendLocationEvent() on Hubitat platform (send the correct descriptionText)

Ecobee Suite Open Contacts, Quiet Time, Smart Circulation, Smart Mode, Smart Room, Thermal Comfort & Working From Home version 1.7.00p

  • Fixed sendLocationEvent() on Hubitat platform (send the correct descriptionText)

Ecobee Suite Routines version 1.7.00p

  • Fixed sendLocationEvent() on Hubitat platform (send the correct descriptionText)
  • Adds Switch(es) as an initiator for both HE & ST (primarily for Hubitat, since it doesn’t have Routines, and many HE users resort to Virtual Switches to replace Routines)
  • Adds a new Action option to turn on/off one or more switches (on both ST & HE) in addition to changing Location Mode, running a Routine (ST only), or changing the Thermostat Program (again, primarily for Hubitat, to allow an Ecobee program/schedule change to use Virtual Switches to initiate other actions)

Ecobee Suite Smart Switches, Vents & Zones 1.7.00p

  • Revision number synchronization only

This current code collection is now Release Candidate 1 - I would appreciate it if all BETA testers would install it and provide me feedback ASAP.

Just noticed the logs are full of messages like this over and over again every 20 seconds or so:

12:51:10 PM: error refreshAuthToken() - HttpResponseException occurred. Exception info: groovyx.net.http.HttpResponseException: Bad Request StatusCode: 400

12:50:52 PM: info Updating API status with [apiConnected:full, lastPoll:Succeeded]

The devices still appear to be connected.

Edit: Re-authing with Ecobee seems to have fixed it.

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Ecobee Suite 1.7.00 Release Candidate 2 available

  • In preparation for General Availability Release, this update contains primarily cosmetic changes, plus a few corner-case bugs were squashed.
  • Documentation update is underway - it should be posted sometime Thursday, May 16, 2019

TESTERS! Please install this update and let me know of any issues ASAP!


Free Universal Ecobee Suite 1.7.00rc2 Documentation updated

The documentation has been updated to cover the 1.7.00 features and installation on Hubitat. You can view the documentation here:


Universal Ecobee Suite, version 1.7.00 has been released as of Friday, May 17, 2019

Please see here for the latest information

Any plans on supporting the new app? I’m trying to (slowly) migrate and all I have are a bunch of oddly named offline devices.

Works fine for me?

Humm. Maybe I’m on the wrong branch? Do I need to switch from master to universal?

BYW. Thank you for the great DTH!

Maybe not from this old (beta) branch…

Try this one:

Is there a simple way to have Ecobee Suite just change the mode of Ecobee without implementing a hold? I have gone through the different settings in the Mode/Routine/Switches/Program helper and everytime the location mode changes the Ecobee changes to the appropriate mode but with holding.

Do you really mean “mode”, as in thermostatMode which can be one of heat, cool, auto, off?

Or do you mean program/climate/custom comfort setting, e.g Away, Home, Sleep?

I ask because the Mode/Routine/Switches/Program Helper can’t change the thermostat Mode, but it can change the program. And if the requested program is different than the currently scheduled one, the only way to set the requested program is to set it as a hold - just as would be if you were to change on the thermostat itself (or using the Ecobee mobile or web apps).

I got an email from ecobee about a free software upgrade called eco+. Not sure if I should install it. Has anyone tried and did it affect anything with Ecobee Suite?