[BETA] Community SmartApp Installer

Hi tonesto7 your apps says popup update to 1.1.0311a … i can’t find it…

There is an update available to this installer SmartApp.
Please visit the IDE to perform the Update.
Latest Version: v1.1.0311a

Also , on DTH webcore presence sensor it’s say new update … but i don’t find update as version it supposed to be as show in yours apps… ??

@tonesto7 shows an update but yet there’s nothing available in IDE.

Im having the same issues. I see no updated code either

I think this is what everyone is looking for.


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thanks @derrge :+1:

Yes; thanks @tonesto7 for the patch and thanks @derrge for the direct link to the raw code.

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I am trying to install the Homebridge app, but when I select it in the community installer, it just spins and spins and never finishes.

On a side note, when I open the installer app, it says there is an update in IDE but none is showing.!

Go up 3 posts above yours to find the updated code

I added the updated code but am still getting the update message in the installer app.