[BETA] Community SmartApp Installer

Hi tonesto7 your apps says popup update to 1.1.0311a … i can’t find it…

There is an update available to this installer SmartApp.
Please visit the IDE to perform the Update.
Latest Version: v1.1.0311a

Also , on DTH webcore presence sensor it’s say new update … but i don’t find update as version it supposed to be as show in yours apps… ??

@tonesto7 shows an update but yet there’s nothing available in IDE.

Im having the same issues. I see no updated code either

I think this is what everyone is looking for.



thanks @derrge :+1:

Yes; thanks @tonesto7 for the patch and thanks @derrge for the direct link to the raw code.

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I am trying to install the Homebridge app, but when I select it in the community installer, it just spins and spins and never finishes.

On a side note, when I open the installer app, it says there is an update in IDE but none is showing.!

Go up 3 posts above yours to find the updated code

I added the updated code but am still getting the update message in the installer app.

I just changed the github repository from the branch “master” to “release/1.1_release”. It will look like this now:

tonesto7/st-community-installer (release/1.1_release)

This will allow you to update from repo. I assume eventually this will get pushed to Master but for those who don’t want to paste the code, this is a nice update option.

It seems to be working fine now. Thanks guys.

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I’m getting an update notification in the app, however, when I go to the IDE, I’m not seeing any available updates using the “update from repo” option. Am I missing a step or doing it wrong?

Current version = 1.0.0213a
Latest version shows = 1.1.0311a

Sorry about that. I just pushed the correct version up

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And all is well :+1: :love_you_gesture:

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Under my smartapps in the ST IDE, I’m seeing a “test-app” for community installer created a few days ago. Is this part of the community installer package or can it be deleted?

My Echo speaks app appears to be showing there are updates to the App (i’m running, Actions (I’m running and ES Device. When I open Community Installer, it does not show there are any updates available for Echo Speaks. Figure since @tonesto7 is the developer of both, he might have some insight as to why. :slight_smile:

Hello, I’m still having an issue trying to install this in the new Smartthings app. Here is the message I’m receiving.

I just added a 2nd hub. I installed the Community Installer into my 2nd hub location, set that hub to default in IDE, but when I go into install apps, the ones that are installed on hub 1 show they are already installed.

How do I install to a 2nd hub?

Still having trouble with the community installer app. I’ve completely removed the smart app and re-installed. All looks normal with it but it’s not actually installing anything or picking up available app updates. Very odd. Live logging shows nothing in the logs when I’m running the app until I click save on the app and then it logs only:

1:17:13 PM: trace ST-Community-Installer | Now Running Updated() Method

I also noticed after I re-installed it doesn’t install the test-app. Also noticed after pasting the raw code and then checking for updates on the repo in IDE it shows there is an update, comparing them, the repo version just adds 2 blank lines at the end of the code, nothing else is different.

I am having the same issue and haven.t been able to figure out what to do.