[BETA] Advanced Button Controller (ABC)

As far as I know there is no feature like that. @Paul_Sheldon, have you added anything like that?

@foltz61, look at the button in the IDE, is it showing events twice by any chance? The SmartApp subscribes to the events, it would trigger twice only if the button has been pressed twice.

Or if you have the same mapping set up in two different version of the SmartApp. You can check what SmartApps you have installed in the IDE too. You can find it under Location, SmartApps on the bottom.

Not at the moment, not sure how hard it would be to complete

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Thank you Gent’s

Thanks for the suggestion. It has stopped happening as of today though.

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If it comes back, look for any duplication in the IDE.

@Paul_Sheldon, I noticed there may be some confusion regarding my legacy version of the ABC app in previous posts. Please let me know if you would like me to edit the original post with a link to a new thread or directly to your github repo. Just supply me with the text and links you need and I can update accordingly.


@stephack Thanks, yes it makes sense to start a new topic. If you could add a link to the initial page to the following topic and I’ll get it updated ASAP.
[ABC - Advanced Button Controller - 2019 Edition]

@Paul_Sheldon thank you very much for your work. It is working just fine on my Hue Dimmer Switches. I was having a look at action option in the Smartapp and I found 2 options for the same. I wonder if one is for increasing the temp and the other one is for decreasing it?

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