Beta access to device firmware?

I’ve just done the ‘verify basic functionality’ tests. Everything went as expected, I’m just a bit hamstrung by the main device I use being buggy (it’s been misbehaving since I got it). I can interact with it in certain ways but can’t really use it in automations. Note this these problems are not caused by the beta hub firmware.

ST support haven’t been able to replicate my issues, but I have been told by the manufacturer of the device that there is new firmware coming soon, but ST support have so far been unable or unwilling to provide the new zigbee device firmware.
Is this something that can be overcome as part of the beta program?

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What type of device?

Zen Thermostat Zen-01. Setpoints sent from ST generally revert back to the thermostat’s last values. Changing the mode works 100% as does ST reading the state of the thermostat.

I’ll put in a request for this firmware update if it’s not already being tested. Just be aware that in general it does take time to acquire and test firmware updates before we release them, even in beta. If something was wrong with the firmware or the device update process then it could leave the device in an unusable state that may not be recoverable. We try to test all the updates very thoroughly before releasing them so that never happens.