Best Z-Wave Siren? (2017)

In the US, most doorbells will be 80 to 85 dB and no louder, while most sirens will be 100 to 110 dB and no quieter. This is because in many jurisdictions it is against code to have a doorbell louder than 85 dB as frequent or prolonged use can cause hearing damage. You are allowed to use these for emergency sirens which are not intended to sound frequently or at duration.

@krlaframboise has worked with most of the different models, he may know if there is one which has separate volume levels for doorbell and siren tones.

Aeon siren doesn’t have a chime so my DTH simulates it by turning on and off the device quickly. Works great for some users, but it’s unreliable for others…

Dome siren is meant to be both and can be used as a siren, but it’s not as loud as most other sirens.

The Zipato siren has a door chime that I think is the perfect volume, a beep beep tone that’s louder than the chime, but not as loud as the sirens, and I think 4 different siren sounds that are really loud.

It’s powered, but also has a battery backup.

The device is more expensive than most others, but it’s still cheaper than buying 2 devices.

Warning: The siren goes off for a little while the first time you plug it in and it also goes off when you take the device off the wall. After removing the device from the wall it won’t turn off until you disarm it which is a multistep process using a tiny button that’s hard to find so I recommend reviewing the manual before removing it from the wall.


@krlaframboise what do you consider the best siren for indoor use?

It depends on which features are important to you. Multiple volumes and/or sounds, battery vs powered, siren or siren strobe, ability to manually silence it, etc.

Most reliable to use as a siren to respond to ST motion sensors?

The reliability is about the same for all of the sirens I’ve tested, but this is SmartThings so your not going to find any sirens that are completely reliable.

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Can’t say it’s the best because it’s the only one I’ve tried, but my GoControl has worked well. No false alarms that I’m aware of, and has tripped every time it’s supposed to. Using Kevin’s device handler for it, btw.

Thanks. Does it have a silence button in case of an issue?

Maybe the question is: if ST sirens are unreliable, is there a non ST siren that can be wired or someone locally trigger but in a way that uses door or motion sensors that can also talk to ST besides be wired to a local system?

For instance, the Ecolink door sensor is able to be wired using leads. Maybe it can be used to trigger a wired alarm and zwave at once? And maybe there is some motion sensor that can do the same.

What is the best at silencing easily?

Not that I can remember. I sort of just set it and forget it. But I set it up to only ever sound for 2min though, so that’s the longest I’d be annoyed, e.g. if it went off when I wasn’t home and Smartthings was down it wouldn’t continue to sound all day. I figure in an intrusion if someone isn’t bothered by a 110 decibel siren after 2min, then it probably hasn’t served it’s purpose.

Aeotec Siren is most likely the easiest to manually disarm.

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Thank you it’s 75% off now only cost $8.75.

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It’s not the sirens per se that are unreliable, but the base SmartThings platform. Once you have “talk to SmartThings” in your set up, you have unreliability. :disappointed_relieved: ( The exception, as always, being the Samsung smartthings/ADT security panel, which has additional reliability features.)

Very unhappy with my aeotech. Battery for backup expanded and died. Now the whole thing doesn’t work. They refused to replace. Need another choice.

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Is that the Aeotec Siren GEN5 or the new Aeotec Siren 6?