Best way to visualize who is home and who isn't?

I’m building another spin on a custom home remote, and one of the features I’d like to offer is “who’s home?” and “who’s not?” (face icons, faded if not present, full color if they are).

I don’t see an end point that pulls specific users from the hub, however, I know each smart phone can be setup as a presence sensor. I’m assuming that once I pull those in, I’ll need to associate those with my meta data on my side so that each sensor belongs to a “person”? (e.g. storing the ID for that device in an external DB)

I don’t know what you are developing your remote with. But yes you are right to look at the presence capability.

You can create a smartapp that subscribes to the presence sensors present/not present status and in the same smartapp you can create a mapping to return this status via HTTP Get request to whatever your remote is. How you manage the status after you’ve got the value from ST is up to you.

See the mappings section of the St documentation on how to achieve this

You might want to check this out

@Fuzzyligic thank you! I’m still feeling my away around getting stuff going, and wanted to make sure I wasn’t making it unnecessarily complicated. I’m going to be doing it in PHP for my family to keep open on tablets/computers (it might get wrapped in a native app wrapper later for them, but that’s another project for another day).

@sidjohn1 that’s fantastic! Definitely going to check that out and see what the json return looks like. :slight_smile: