Best way to monitor temperature in various rooms around the house? (March 2019)

The house I recently moved into has some wall heaters/coolers that apparently use the ZigBee protocol, so I’m hoping I can set them up with SmartThings. However, I don’t trust their onboard temperature readings because they are obviously only measuring the area immediately surrounding themselves, which is making it hard to get each room at the desired temp.

So I’m looking for advice on low-cost temperature sensors that I can place around my house, and advice on placement (Wall? ceiling? near the couch where people sit? multiple sensors in one room and take the average? etc). Most of the research I’ve done here seems to only relate to measuring the temperature of freezers and/or water and things like that. I want just a general reading of a room in order to help set a comfortable temperature.

What are some of the things the community has done to get accurate temperature readings for their household heating/cooling systems?

For the step in selecting a sensor, there was a similar question asked this morning by someone else. Take a quick look at the following thread as it may be of help.

As for what other people have done, there are a number of project reports posted to the forum for different approaches. :sunglasses: The easiest way to find them is to use the quick browse lists in the community-created wiki, look down near the bottom of that page for the “project reports“ section and then look on the “HVAC“ list.

And we will need to know the brand and model number of the heating devices you have currently, but I am not optimistic. Most of the ones on the market are not using the same zigbee profile that smart things does, but you never know until we check the specifications.

Yeah, that’s the reason I usually want to get z-wave. You know for sure it is the standard one

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I got really lucky, because I’d never heard of the brand (Stelpro) but apparently it’s one of the few that does happen to work with SmartThings. Got it set up super easily last night with the SmartThings app.

Now for the temperature sensors…