Best way to monitor a desk drawer?

What is the best way to monitor a desk drawer? In the dark? I think a magnetic contact sensor would work best, but it would be too hard to set up quickly.

why does it need to be set up so quickly? It only takes maybe a minute to install the device.

I don’t want it visible, to use a magnetic contact switch, I would have to mount it behind the drawer, which would be possible, but I would have to make a custom bracket so the magnet and sensor would line up.

just use the multipurpose sensor in acceleration detection rather than contact opening. If the draw moves, the sensor will kick in.

you can rely on NotifyMeWhen smartapp and set it like this:


That isn’t required as can easily line things up without custom brackets. Keep in mind contact sensory just need a magnet to operate the reed switch. It doesn’t have to be the one that comes with the contact sensor. For example this one you could screw into the back of the drawer and then mount the contact in back of desk, chest, or wherever drawer is installed.

As an example I have a contact sensor under my mailbox and a small magnet on the mailbox “door” that trips it to notify me mail has been delivered.

from what I’ve read most magnetic switches need less than a 1 inch gap between the magnet and sensor, what if I a 6 inch gap, would a vibration or accelerometer type sensor give false positives?

The Sensative strip should fit almost invisibly Along the lip of most drawers and will let you know when it’s pulled open. They work well with smartthings and are very reliable. Very quick install. You can even paint it if you want. :sunglasses:


I settled on a SmartThings multi sensor set to detect vibration, it seems to be working great

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