Best way to control ceiling fan with Aeon Minimote

I Got 2 Minimotes today. I got them connected and figured out how to configure the buttons. My intended use is as bedside remotes for separate rooms.

I have the remotes doing what I want including turning ceiling fan on and off. My question would be what would be the best way to configure one of the 8 possible buttons presses to control the fan speed?

I am thinking I am going to have to go to CoRE and configure a piston to see a specific button press? Then that would send the fan speed I wanted to the fan. I was hoping (fishing) for a alternate method. Something I may have missed. A Smart App I overlooked?

Thanks in advance for any ideas you very knowledgeable people throw my way.

Here’s one to consider:

From the quick browse list for “HVAC” in the community – created wiki. :sunglasses:

Thank you @JDRoberts. I searched but must have missed it. Man you are FAST and yet again bail me out!

Thanks so much.

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quick browse lists work every time. :sunglasses:

I use Smart Lighting to turn my GE 12730 Fan Switch with my Minimote. You wouldn’t be able to configure it to increase the speed by say holding a button but you could set individual speeds on three of the buttons (eg, button 1 = 1% , button 2 = 50%, button 3 = 100%) and then press and hold button 1 would be off.

That way everything is running locally so in the event of a power/internet outage, it’ll still work.


That’s a very good idea @Benji. Good way to keep it local.
For now (ran out of time to work on it] I went with @JDRoberts suggestion. It’s working except the hold for off function. I am assuming it has something to do with me not using the standard DTH for the fan switch. I’ll have to wait till my next days off to fiddle with it more.


I’ve been using Bruce’s Scene Controller. I chose it because it has built in functionality to have one button cycle through fan speeds with each press.