Best way to collect logs from the hub?

Change line 143 to this:

subscribe(illuminances, “illuminance”, illuminanceHandler)

Hi Jason and others who have contributed to the Splunk SmartApp code. It’s working great for me. I’ve blogged about it here. Thanks.

@chinhdo thanks for the blog… I followed the directions best I could but I am not getting any data in Splunk (using the cloud option). I set up the HTTP Collector Token with Json data type. Is this correct? Can you or someone provide a little help on the Spluk data collection set-up or how to debug? Thanks

@Henrikhoe did you get it working? I’m having the exact same issue.

Hi! What kind of logs are you trying to get from the Hub?
Are you working with Groovy (DTH) or the new feature Edge driver?

@nayelyz See the blog posted by @chinhdo (Monitor & Visualize Your SmartThings Smart Home with Splunk - Chinh Do). I’m trying to monitor the home in a similar manner. It is a Groovy DTH but a new Edge solution would be preferable as it will have more longevity

That link describes a Groovy SmartApp, not a DTH. AFAIK, Edge is for drivers for devices. The replacement for SmartApps is not Edge but instead the REST API (possibly by using the CoreSDK) introduced last year. You then need some other local host (possibly as simple as a rasp-pi) for running the code.

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