Best SmartApp to sync two switches?

Seems like a dumb question. I’ve looked through many apps, most of which will do what I want but in a non-optimal way. The switches in question are dimmers.

I tried SmartLighting first, but I have to make two rules, and if I reboot my hub sometimes the two automations will get into a looping condition.

I see scene apps, a Dim with Me app that seems out of date, ones that will sync virtual with physical, and the Trend one that is more power and virtual than I want. I just want two switches to mirror each other, no matter what happens to one, it should happen to the other.

What are you all using right now? Prefer local execution, but thinking I have to move to an app. Prefer github integration, and something that is maintained.

What’s the brand and model of the switches?

WD500Z’s on both sides.

Maybe this:


I use Trendsetter, works great for 3 pairs of 2 bulbs.

It’s a great app but as I understand it, if I touch one of the physical buttons the others don’t sync with it. The interface to sync them exists only in the app.

I want to turn on one switch and have the other go on. Off the same.

You are correct about the physical buttons in Trend Setter.

Only thing I can think of is to set up a piston in CoRE.

If switch 1 changes, then set switch 2 = switch 1
Else if switch 2 changes, then set switch 1 = switch 2.

You should be able to add some restrictions to keep it from looping.

CoRE was my backup plan, but I feel like this is something a simple app should be able to do wonderfully. I’m going to try JD’s suggestion, and see how that goes.

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