Best scene controller to go over Lutron Caseta switch?

I recently bought Zigbee RGB bulbs to replace my blindingly bright 5000K ones for bedroom use. I plan on forcing them to a more yellow color after sunset in order to improve sleep. I don’t want to remove the Lutron Caseta in-wall switches, which I plan on leaving “on” permanently.
What are your recommendations for a scene controller type of switch to place over this? I can use some kind of adhesive. The GoControl one is cheap but pretty ugly.

Do you truly have Caseta Switches or do you have Caseta Dimmers? If you have dimmers, i would definitely recommend removing them and simply hard-wiring the hot and line wires together. You can then use any button controller you want in the switch panel.

If you have a switch there, is there any particular reason you want to leave the Caseta switch in place and not remove it? Removing it increases your options greatly.

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