Best POE IP Camera

Maybe this is too soon, but with my pre-order in for the V2 Hub I am wondering which POE IP camera will be best to use with my ST set-up. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Too soon. Nothing has been stated on what cameras will be supported with Video. If you want only photos, you have lots of options for POE cameras.

Indoor or outdoor? Night vision or not? Price range?

Arlo for outdoors, rocks!

I will need both indoor and outdoor. I am thinking one PTZ indoors and 4 bullets outdoors. I would probably like night vision on all of them.

Price range is probably middle of the pack. I don’t need high end stuff, but want sufficient video quality to be able to tell what I am looking at.

I kind of figured it would be too soon to know much, but I am not too interested in just stills so I will have to hold on for a bit until more is known about how they will support video and what products get the best support.

HikVision cameras are incredible… But not knowing where video integration is going with SmartThings, I would hold off…if you can.


What do you consider middle of the pack for pricing?


Entry level is 200 or lower
Mid level is 200-1000 per camera
High end is 1000+ per camera

Then there is resolution, features, POE, night vision, local recording, cloud recording, NVR software, etc.

I guess in my mind, mid-level is $200-$500, and high end is $500-$1,000. Once you get over $1,000 per camera you aren’t really in the consumer grade product anymore.

Entry level consumer cameras should be sub $100. There are plenty of these available. Mid-grade is $200-$300. Anything above $500 is either commercial or a high end luxury item that the vast majority of people won’t be able to afford. I have 8 IP cameras in my house, two of them have PTZ, and they are all at least 720p. I paid between $90-$140 bucks a camera.

If I were to spend $10,000 on cameras I would probably be in the market for a custom solution from an integrator for my home automation.

I love my Unifi cameras by UBNT.

Any developments here? Still need a POE or Battery powered Camera!

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Honestly, Hikvision is where it’s at, the quality/features for the price is astonishingly hard to beat, I would say their $100-200 blow the pants off a lot of commercially available $500+ IP cameras.

That being said, I particularly like this specific Samsung camera…

But that being said again, it’s highly unlikely ST will ever have the level of functionality that I’d want if I put IP cameras up around the house so I’d be using Blue Iris or iSpy Connect anyway.

@Benji do know how Blue Iris or iSpy Connect compare to Synology Surveillance Station?

@mrjoedave : I am familiar with Blue Iris, Synology offers similar functionality if all you need are the core functions. Interestingly, my QNap NAS also has its own surveillance station, that seems fairly flexible. QNap is cheap, I use my 2 disk one purely for Hikvision webcam recordings.

Looks like SSS is more professional solution geared towards their own disk arrays where as Blue Iris and iSpy Connect are more of a DIY enthusiasts solution.