Best Outdoor cameras 2019 edition

Have done a ton of searching and haven’t seen any new reviews on cameras. Curious what is the best value for cameras that don’t require a hub. Like the Arlo ultras, but $1k is a bit steep for me. Thoughts on the blink outdoor? I am looking for outdoor cameras.

In waiting to see what Wyze comes out with later this year.

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Ubiquiti makes a decent product that’s outdoor rated. They also just came out with a outdoor rated 4k with optical zoom but the price tag is a bit steep.

I think that’s the issue. These cameras can look a mile and a half away with super clarity. My cameras are going to be 5 feet from my door. I get the need for it, but I would love to see a decent 720 for a reasonable price.

You mention Blink cameras.

I’ve been using blink XT’s for quite a while. I like them, but I’m still looking for something better without going broke.

I’m fine with their video quality, but my 3 main concerns are:
They are slow to send motion notifications.
Little to no ST integration.
I’d like a longer motion detection range.

Oh, and local storage of videos would be nice.

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Looking on Newegg, anyone used Amcrest cameras?