Best non hub bright smart bulb? (2019)

Don’t really want a hub for the bulbs, but want a bulb that shines bright.

Do you already have a Samsung SmartThings hub? If so, you can add the IKEA Tradfri smart bulbs without any additional hub/ Gateway/bridge, and they are among the brightest as well as among The least expensive. They also work well as a zigbee repeater with SmartThings, which many others zigbee bulbs do not. The product description may say that they need their gateway, but you can use the smartthings hub instead. The bulbs and the plug-in pocket socket work well with SmartThings, the buttons and handheld remotes only have partial integration.

If you don’t have a Samsung smartthings hub, you will need to go to a Wi-Fi bulb. LIFX are among the brightest of those and also have an official SmartThings integration (for example, if you have a Samsung smart television but not a smartthings hub).

Both of these brands are available in both North America and the EU. Make sure you get a model which works with your local voltage.

I’ve been pretty happy using Sengled. While I use the soft white more in non switched lamps in the house, minimal complaints.

Sengled A19 LED Light Bulb with 15 Seconds Delay Off, 60W Equivalent Light Bulb, Soft White (2700K) E26 Base, Suitable for Bedroom or Living Room, 8 Pack

I have bought the version that included the hub, but found I don’t need it.

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The Sengled are good devices if you don’t need a zigbee repeater, but they aren’t bright. They are 60 W equivalent (800 lm).

In contrast, the LIFX are 75 W equivalent (1000 - 1100 lm).

The IKEA Tradfri are another 75 W equivalent at 1000 lm. And they are a good zigbee repeater with ST. The output does vary by model, though, so if the brightness matters be sure to check the specs before buying.