Best motion sensor - Samsung Camera vs AEON 6-in-1 sensor


Is there any opinion if it overkill to have both a Camera AND a e.g. AEON 6-in-1, only for the usage of the motion sensor reason?

Meaning for picking up motion correctly, avoiding as much false positive as possible, is there any advantages of having dedicated motion sensor rather than using the motion sensor in the Samsung Camera?

Another side-question: Any does the Samsung Camera and e.g. AEON 6-in-1 pick up on shadows in th room? I mean shadows from a cloud appearing in the sky. I dont want just false positives of course.

Nothing in ha is overkill. Redundancy is king.

I have 8 motion sensors in my bathroom, i could probably get away with one, but this gives me more granular control as well add eliminates the lights turning off from no motion.