Best motion sensor placement in room with pellet stove/fireplace?


(Jason Day) #1

So, I have a couple of the Ecolink PIR motion sensors:

I want to put one of the motion sensors in my lower level, which has a pellet stove in it.

How do I prevent false alarms from the pellet stove? I’m assuming it would be best to have the motion sensor on the same wall as the pellet stove, so that they are facing the same direction.


A PIR sensor is actually a heat detector. It triggers when there is a change in temperature that moves across its sensor area. Consequently, anywhere near the pellet stove it’s going to trigger a lot. You want to try to find a place in the room where the temperature will remain relatively stable And where gusts of warm air will not cross it. Ideally you would want the stove out of range of the sensor altogether.

But it’s likely going to take some trial and error placement to get it right. :sunglasses: