Best Motion Sensor (2014, now out of date)

My WeMo motion sensors were working well when I first got them. Now, seem to be having the same problem you guys are mentioning.

I don’t think there is a “best” all around sensor, they all have their strengths. I have not had the bad experiences with the Aeon Multis that others have had. I have two outdoors, and four indoors. As far as motion is concerned they have been very reliable within their distance limits. I will note that both of my outdoor sensors are under covered porches as I only want to monitor my doorways. I have had some issues with the aeons not reporting temp and humidity data in a timely fashion, and the lux reading seems to be very random. I have one SmartThings motion and it is the fastest to trigger a light on motion, but it is also the most expensive solution. I have one ecolink motion and while it seems very accurate, the 4 minute delay throws some of my triggers off.

No improvement in ST talking to my WeMo Motion, communications still end around 67 to 72min after I last refreshed WeMo Motion using the ST “Things”.
To get it to work again I need to click on refresh and it’s only good for approx another 70min. Worthless for what I use it for.

@Dave Do you have other Wemo Motion units? Or just one? What have you done to troubleshoot it? Do we know that other people are still experiencing the same issue?

How about the Wemo App? Does it still work when you do not see it working with ST?

I have been talking to ST support (Jeanette) for the last week, no luck yet.

I have the WeMo motion and WeMo outlet, they talk to each other just fine using the WeMo App (yes, even when ST is not talking with my WeMo Motion).
Others on this board with WeMo motion that have responded sound like they gave up because it’s just not working.
I watch the IDE Log and every time right around the 70min mark communication goes dead.

I like the WeMo motion because it’s not battery powered, can sit on the floor, updates often (about every 20seconds), and I already own it, it is also a good backup because it can text me when there is motion (using IFTTT).

Thanks for the help!


Others with ST and Wemo Motion. Are you seeing the same issues? If not, what are your current issues?

@Dave have you reset your Hub Recently?

I power cycled my hub, yes.
Others on here with WeMo Motion that responded told me they were having the same issues.

Yesterday, I asked support to add in an automatic REFRESH signal every 30minutes (sent to WeMo Motions) to keep the communications alive. Let’s see if they do it and it works. It works on my end if I manually click REFRESH.

UPDATE: Uninstalling everything WeMo related and then reinstalling has fixed this problem.

Ok this sounds good, please let us know if they are able to get this to work

Juuuuust triple checking on the Iris stuff working with ST.

Lowes is running a promotion where if you buy 3 motion sensors, you get a 4th free. That makes these puppies $18.75 each.

Anyone got these working with ST?

Generally IRIS branded items do not work with ST. Only items that are another brand but say works with IRIS will work with ST (if there is a device type)

Their motion sensor is IRIS branded, I’m pretty sure it does not work.

Resurrecting this thread wondering if any newcomers have come on the market in the past year or do people still like the smartthings/monoprice/aeon labs choices.

If you’re in the US and close to a Best Buy, checkout the PEQ branded motion sensors… just like STs.

Has there been any change on this since April? I would be interested in getting folks thoughts on the new ST motion sensors .

I really like how small the new ST motion sensors are. I have a handful of PEQ motion sensors and they work fine for most locations, but if you have a location where you need the smaller location then the ST motion sensors might be better for you.

Also note that the older motion sensors (incl. PEQ) use the CR123 style batteries whereas the new motion sensors use a CR-2450 coin / button cell battery. Both are cheap and easy to find, but some people have a preference as they may already have several other devices and already have a stock of one battery type or another.

Did the ST motion sensor change design recently along with the new hub?

I need one more and want to make sure the version currently being sold on Amazon (via ST) is the latest…

Based on the pictures on Smartthings website, it looks like this would be the newest?

New Motion Sensor on Amazon

I ordered the special kit ST offered at one time with the new hub, open/close sensor, and motion sensor. The motion sensor I was sent was apparently the old one based on the images…

Any major differences between the two (other than the older one appears to be $10 more on Amazon)?

I have a few of the ST Sensor and it’s okay but the range is so small and won’t cover one room.

Are there any that cover a larger area?

The nature of a PIR motion sensor’s field is such that they can’t cover an entire large room. They detect very small changes in heat moving across the sensor’s field. They will be better at detecting things moving across that field rather than straight towards them, so placement makes a big difference as well. Most have the same range of about 10 m, but it’s a cone-shaped field where the detection area is wider farther away from the sensor.

If you want to cover a large room or multiple entrances, you can set up two or three sensors in a zone. Mike Maxwell has a popular smartapp that can manage this very effectively. :sunglasses:

If you haven’t used custom code with smartthings before, take a look at the following overview FAQ.

And if it seems like something you’d like to continue with, here’s the thread to Mike’s code:

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That helps, thanks. In one room I put the sensor on the ceiling thinking that being center in the room would be the best coverage. Maybe not so much and makes sense why that sensor is not covering close to 30 feet.

Thanks for the custom code link as well, I’m definitely going to need to start diving into that to take it to the next level.

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Old thread…but just in case someone reads this:
Like JDRoberts, I bought one of the kits that had an “old” motion sensor. It works great and has excellent sensitivity.

I just purchased a 5 pack of motion sensors from ST. They are the new ones and they aren’t anywhere near as good as the first generation. Even ST Support admits that they are less sensitive and should be placed perpendicular to the path that you want to monitor. That’s all well and good if you just want to monitor a doorway, but what if you want to monitor an entire room ? Last night, I sat in a chair that was below, and at an angle, to one of the new sensors. I was waving my arms above my head…no motion sensed. It wasn’t until I stood up that it detected motion. Supposedly they have problems detecting straightline motion because, according to ST Support, a moving object must cross 2 lines of detection in order for motion to be registered. In other words, you can walk straight towards one of the new ST motion sensors and it won’t detect motion. This was supposed to decrease false positives…but, in my opinion, it decreases TRUE positives.

After exchanging a few emails with the helpful support folks, I’m asking to return the 5 ST motion sensors that I just bought and I will be looking at 3rd party alternatives.