Best micro dimmer?

Whats the best micro dimmer for the new smart hub or echo? All I seem to be seeing us either the insteon or aeon ones?

Also what’s the best place to buy for good prices?

Thank you!

Can you clarify what you mean by micro dimmer. Wall plate or the actual dimmer unit?

Are you in the US or the UK?

If you mean the actual dimmer unit then have a look at the Fibaro Dimmer 2:


ST supported and plenty of discussion within the community.

You may require Fibaro Dimmer Bypass 2 for loads less than 50W

Vesternet also have some solid documentation here to help:

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Insteon devices only work with their own hub, they are not compatible with smartThings.

The official “work with SmartThings” lists the Aeotec models. Enerwave and Fibaro are also popular in the community. If you don’t need a dimmer but I just looking for an inwall relay, smarten IT also has options on the official list.

As far as where to buy, there are multiple factors to consider. First, is the product description correct and is the device not counterfeit? If you buy from second source places like auctions, both of these issues can arise. Some sellers even intentionally put a less expensive device into the box for a more expensive model, for example.

Then there’s the question of return policy. Somewhere between five and 15% of even big-name devices are defective. So a good return policy can be very important.

Finally, there is the question of technical support. Retailers vary a great deal in the amount of tech-support they can provide for home automation.

We have a deals section in this forum where community members post individual sales they come across. There’s also a thread which lists reputable home automation dealers for both the US and the UK. That’s a good place to start. :sunglasses:

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I want to add micro dimmers to some LED can lights (2 different sets) who’s light switches don’t have neutral wires, so I can’t do a dimmer at the switch but I was told it could be done at the fixture?

I’m in the US.

See the links above. The Fibaro requires no neutral, works with LED and can be placed in either the switch or fixture. You’ll need the bypass unit if using with anything less than 50W I think.

Other options are available as @JDRoberts states but the Fibaro is well used and liked within the community :slight_smile:

The Fibaro is a very sophisticated device with many options, and you have to really study the manual in order to get it installed correctly.

One thing to note: if you want to use it without a neutral but with LEDs, you have to get the bypass device, FGB 002.

This device is pretty easy to find in Europe. However, I have not seen anywhere in the US, including the authorized fibaro dealers, that are carrying the bypass.

So I’m not sure you can use it without a neutral with LEDs in the US. But if someone knows a US source for the bypass, let us know.

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As always a wealth of knowledge :slight_smile:

The fact it’s not available makes me wonder why? You can source it here if required but it ships from Slovenia!!!

I’m conscious I’m beginning to sound like a Fibaro salesman :slight_smile: No ties to the company, just good kit that works well!

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My guess is it has to do with the differences in how homes are wired in the US and the UK. The bypass device doesn’t have any of the usual US safety certifications, although the dimmer itself does. I don’t know if it has to do with ring circuits or not. Or split phase. But in any case, my guess is that the bypass is not safe to use with typical US wiring. But that’s just a guess.

So I was thinking an Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Micro gen 2. They’re 30-40$ many places. Seems to be a winner?