Best method of a virtual zone thermostat

What is the best method right now of having a connected thermostat use the average of multiple temp senors throughout the house, and is there a way to automate this with connected vents?

My goal is to set the temp to say 71. One room might read 65 another 72 and another 76, giving you the 71 average. I would then like ST to utilize Econet vents to even out those temps while maintaining the 71 average, therefore it should shut the vents in the room with the 76 readout, barely open for the 72 room, and fully open to heat up the 65 room.

This is somewhat of an extreme example with an 11 degree difference between two rooms, and in some cases may be beneficial if the room that is cooler is rarely used and does not need to be heated. In that case a priority level could possibly be introduced that would override the average temp to allow certain rooms to save on energy cost.

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Have you been able to find a solution for this?

I have sensors then an AC, a fan, and a heater plugged into WeMo switches to be able to turn them on and off but haven’t found an easy solution to take the average temperatures of my sensors to regulate the switches.

Would be great if you could share any insights.