Best light switches and best place to purchase them?

If you think of devices as good, better, best, then the Jasco/GE switches are a budget brand, solidly in the middle of the “good“ category.

But I’m really surprised that you had to pay $45 for them, they are usually cheaper than that. Where are you buying them from?

Anyway, there are lots of better engineered switches, but they do typically cost more. And there are some other budget brands which Seem to be a little better quality, specifically zooz.

I personally like and use lutron Caseta light switches, which are at the high-end of the “better“ or low-end of the “best“ categories. But I will pay more for better engineering. :sunglasses:

Have you had a chance to look at the device class features FAQ? That has a discussion of light switches starting around post 40 in that thread: