Best light switches and best place to purchase them?

Welcome! There’s no one “best” because different people are looking for different features and have different budget. You can start with the device class features FAQ and you’ll get information on how the models might differ from each other. But you’ll have to decide for yourself which one fits your own requirements best. ( The topic title is a clickable link. The light switch discussion start around post 40. )

As far as toggles, there are only a couple of companies that make those, and you’ve already listed them. It’s just important to understand that the main reason most smart switch companies make either rockers or touch panels is because Smart switches typically rest in the neutral position. They aren’t locked into up for on and down for off. So if you have a toggle, most of the time it sticks straight out, which bugs some people. It’s much less noticeable on a rocker. There’s a picture of this in the FAQ I just linked to.

You might also want to look at the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki . Down near the bottom of that page is a section for project report, and the first list there is the “get started“ list. Lots of topics that might be of interest as you move forward.